Fax has been a common platform for official communications for decades. Even though more advanced communication methods have been developed, fax and yahoo emails still have their position and value in the hearts of people like you and us.

You would be wondering why are we talking about these two specific platforms. That is because these two, fax and yahoo email, have been mingled to create something which is amazing as well as easeful.

Yes, now you are able to fax through yahoo email. Right now, it might look like an unachievable and impossible task but as you will progress in this guide, you will get to know that it is not just possible with advanced communication but also a very easy and simple process too.

Fax and Yahoo Email – Combined

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Fax and yahoo email when combined work wonders. The only thing you need to know is to get a little know-how after which you are all set and ready. In point of fact, yahoo mail does not work to provide the faxing services however the forward-thinking expertise has made it an achievable task to fax through yahoo mail.

If you have a little savoir-faire about the operating process of faxes, then you might be thinking that how can email and fax work as one when they have totally different functioning techniques.

You might find it hard to understand because emails run digitally or on digital signals whereas faxes are sent and received through the working of telephonic lines, working on analog signals.

Email and fax cannot work jointly by themselves. They are made to work mutually by an intermediary online fax service. It is only through these fax services that you are able to send and receive faxes using yahoo email.

What these fax services do is that they translate the work of yahoo email and fax. They read the work of yahoo email and then decipher it into something acceptable by fax and vice versa too.

CocoFax – The Best Fax Service

From thousands of fax services out there, you have to choose the most suitable one. It’s a very difficult task. But no worries because you are at the correct place to know the best fax service. We have the best pick for you that provides you full fax services with quality.

Yup, we are talking about the only one, CocoFax. According to CocoFax, quality is preferred over other things. The high amount of recognition that CocoFax has gained from PCMag, iGeeksBlog, Forbes, PC World and New York Times is evidence that CocoFax is one of its kind.

CocoFax provides fax services that you will never find at any other place. With CocoFax, all the hassle of big fax machinery is gone. It allows faxing without fax machines.

Most of the people are occupied with the thought of huge fax machines without which faxing was not possible in the past days. Many other things like long telephonic lines, paper and toner were also required. But these things of the past now rest with the past

It is all due to CocoFax that allows sending and receiving faxes without fax machines. Neither any big fax machine nor any paper or toner is needed to use CocoFax yahoo email fax services.

Sending Fax through Yahoo Email

Here we will tell you about CocoFax’s fax services that will answer your question of how to send a fax from Yahoo mail. There is no complicated process. Just follow the simple steps stated below

Step 1: Starting with it, you must have a CocoFax account in order to use its services. If you are not a registered CocoFax customer, go to their website from your web browser. There, you can easily sign up using the 30-day free trial provided by CocoFax. All of this is free of cost. No need to provide any kind of credit card details.

In the process of sign up, you will also be provided with the facility of free fax number. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting a fax number as CocoFax will provide you with one freely. Not only the fax number is free, but it is also custom made. Yes that is right, you can choose your fax number yourself

Step 2: Other things required during the sign-up process are your name and email address. Provide the yahoo email id that you will use in the future for faxing purposes.

Step 3: As you have associated your yahoo email with the CocoFax account, now you can start faxing from your yahoo email id. To send a fax, use the new email button to compose a new mail. Fill in all the required fields.

The ‘To’ field is compulsory as it will contain the fax address of the person receiving the fax. Fax address will contain the recipient fax number after which comes the website extension ‘@cocofax.com’. For your ease, we will also elaborate it by an example. Consider fax number 67847, its fax address will be 67847@cocofax.com.

Furthermore, there is the ‘Subject’ field that contains the text that will come at the top of the document you are faxing. However, it’s not a necessary field to fill in. Same is the case with the email body. It is not necessary to write something here but you can write something, you want will appear on the first page of your faxing document.

Coming to the compulsory part – the main faxing document. Your document will come as an attachment to the email. It can be of any of the following formats, xls, pdf, png, docx, xlsx, doc or jpg.

When you are finished with the above things, you can now send the document through the send button and then wait for the notification. Yes, CocoFax notifies you when your fax is safely delivered. If not, it will still notify you. You can access all your faxes from your online dashboard.

Receiving Fax through Yahoo Email

Just as your yahoo email is converted into fax in the sending process, the vice versa happens in the receiving process. CocoFax gets all the faxes delivered to your fax number. then it translates them into a format that is compatible with yahoo email. After translating, CocoFax sends them to the yahoo email account registered with your CocoFax account.


See, it is just a matter of time before you start faxing from Yahoo email using the amazing CocoFax. You will get these incredible faxing services nowhere but CocoFax.

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