We can trace the history of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) back to the ’70s. These games have always been popular among the masses, with even celebrities getting addicted to them. The MMORPG industry reached its peak when Blizzard introduced their Warcraft franchise in 1994. The popularity of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans paved the way for further inclusions in the franchise. In 2001, Blizzard announced a fourth video game in its immensely popular fantasy realm. World of Warcraft (WoW) became internationally available between 2004-05. As destiny had decreed for Azeroth’s land, it has attracted millions of players from all around the world.

What Made Wow So Popular?

World of Warcraft was the most popular MMORPG a decade ago. It’s understandable why South Park decided to show a humorous depiction of the game in a 2006 episode. The protagonists teamed up against an enormously powerful hacker only to continue playing WoW after he got defeated. There have been instances of people spending 19 hours exploring the moors of Azeroth. What made people crazily wander a fictional universe? Let’s glance at a few reasons:

  1. world warcraftWoW evolves to welcome both veterans and newcomers.
  2. Their advertisement ideas are genuine and innovative. Collaborating with Coca Cola to promote WoW in China was a smart idea to conceive.
  3. WoW allows you to play either as Alliance or as Horde. You can customize your character and choose from as there is multiply available.
  4. You can also purchase WoW classic accounts online. It is for those users who wish to acquire a progressive character without the effort required.
  5. The initial gameplay isn’t destructive or discouraging for “noobs.” It allows them to explore the virtual world and complete some beginners’ quests.
  6. When it got released, it was more player-friendly than traditional MMORPGs. For starters, you didn’t have to restart the entire game in case of your character’s death.
  7. Azeroth is a unique, fascinating, and distinctive universe. Its visual appeal and sublime appearance entice players to spend more time in this imaginary universe.

Seven Hidden Facts About Wow

Several hidden facts and secrets regarding WoW make this game more tempting. For instance, World of Warcraft has one of the largest wikis devoted to a video game franchise. Many fans are now aware of the existence of Shatterspear Vale. It is a colony of trolls who appear to be celebrating. There’s a sunken gnome village past the coast of Tanaris. And the mysteries of Karazhan never seem to end. Here are seven hidden facts about World of Warcraft, a beginner will indeed find amusing:

  • Azeroth Was Originally Relatively Smaller:-

The size of Azeroth before the Burning Crusade was around 80 square miles or 200 square kilometers. This fictional world has four continents and many smaller islands. It seems weird that millions of players can fit in such a little world. But WoW gathers players from 244 countries. World of Warcraft is also a richly-written game with an epic background story involving clans and demons. Azeroth is also unique for the hundreds of pets and mounts if offered.

  • Wow Helps To Enhance Seniors’ Mental Agility:-

A 2012 study showed that playing World of Warcraft can improve the cognitive functions of seniors. These functions included memory, concentration, and visual thinking (“spatial ability”). Thus, for these seniors, WoW served more than a mere escapist endeavor. Researchers asked 39 participants of this study to spend two weeks at home playing WoW. These participants were aged 60-77. Scientists observed significant cognitive improvement in these elderly players.

  • Don’t Forget To Bring A Torch:-

The original plan was to make nighttime in Azeroth dark for players’ eyes. Developers made certain areas such as Duskwood unable to navigate without torches. Players needed to create torches and use them as their guides in the dark. It made you feel like an open target and also gave ambiance to the surrounding dusk. The small area of illumination around you added to the sensation of mysteriousness and vulnerability in the atmosphere.

  • The Monstrosity That Was ‘Female Trolls’:-

The actual conceptualization behind female trolls wasn’t successful. Blizzard didn’t put much effort into creating a female version of these monsters. Therefore, what players observed was a bunch of trolls with feminine attributes attached to their bodies. It was a nightmare not only for nerds but also for the production team. Fortunately, WoW now contains a better-looking version of womanish trolls. Most trolls squat in places, a habit that hasn’t contaminated their females.

  • Creatures As Intelligent As Any Humanoid:-

Wyverns also exist in WoW and as sentient beings. Like griffins or hippogryphs, they are as smart as an average humanoid. They even speak languages, i.e., Orcish and a dialect of Taurahe. Orcs raise wyverns to be useful in combat. Even though they mistrust humanoids, they have shown Alliance with the Horde. They hate harpies who like to capture them. A wyvern’s venom is also beneficial from a hunter’s perspective. Wyverns are very protective of their eggs too.

  • Election Campaign Involving WoW:-

In 2012, Colleen Lachowicz decided to run for the Maine Senate. Her rivals started a smear campaign against her because she was a WoW player. Colleen’s “alter ego” was a high-level orc-rogue called Santiago. Her opponents called it her time-consuming and disturbing double life. This smear campaign attracted an international audience. But voters didn’t care much about politicians playing video games, and Colleen got elected to the Maine Senate.

  • The Virtual Pandemic That Was So Realistic:-

In 2005, a WoW troll Hakkar the Soulflayer cursed a player with a life-draining curse. Developers meant this curse called Corrupted Blood to last for around 10 seconds. Due to some technical glitch, the curse lasted longer, and the victims infected other players. This pandemic, which persisted for a week, wiped out many players in Azeroth. But it gave scientists a virtual model to study human behavior of quarantine and social distancing during a pandemic. People had behaved similarly during the 2002-04 SARS epidemic. Epidemiologists have also found parallels between this virtual pandemic and COVID-19.


In 2009, WoW became the largest MMORPG in the world, with around 10 million players. World of Warcraft players had registered more than 100 million accounts by 2014. The mythical land of Azeroth was one of the most populous virtual battlegrounds in the world back then. No wonder developers wrote more than 5 million lines of code to create this fantasy realm. List-makers count it among the world’s highest-grossing video-game franchise ever. Even today, this game’s popularity witnessed a swift promotion after it went live in August last year. Doubtlessly, it has become a sort of cult classic and an integral part of American popular culture.

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