More and more people enjoy e-cigarettes and adopt them, replacing the smell of tobacco in their daily lives. With flavors ranging from mango to creme brulee, a design that looks like a USB key and a rechargeable battery from a computer, the e-cigarette has everything to seduce smokers.

Ten years ago, no one had ever heard of an electronic cigarette. Today they are present almost everywhere. If the exponential growth continues, the e-cigarette will soon become the most important “nicotine substitute” on the market. Such an evolution doesn’t come naturally. There is a number of good reasons why the sales of these products are so strong. But what explains the popularity of vaping?

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Vaping is healthier than traditional smoking

The main group of e-smokers is those who are aware of the dangers of smoking and are looking for a safer alternative than tobacco cigarettes. The period in which smoking was perceived as healthy is definitely behind us. According to studies, electronic cigarette seems safe in the short and medium term and also cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, there are always question marks for the long term because of the dyes and aromatic products used in the e-cigarette.

What does the vapor of electronic cigarette contain?

The electronic cigarette has nothing in common with its classic equivalent other than the name and gesture. Unlike cigarettes, it doesn’t contain tobacco, has no combustion and doesn’t create smoke. It makes it possible to inhale the vapor composed mainly of propylene glycol, glycerol, aromas and, most often, nicotine. When you press the button, the resistance heats up, and the e-liquid turns into a gaseous state under the effect of heat. These vaporized molecules then condense very quickly in the form of very fine vapor which visual appearance is the same as tobacco smoke.

Save your money

Every reason is good to stop smoking! However, many people quit smoking because it costs a lot. Some e-smokers switch purely and simply because electronic smoking is a lot cheaper. Choosing e-cigarettes you can (depending on how much you smoke) easily save a lot on an annual basis.

Quit smoking

Vaping is an excellent solution to quit smoking. Ex-smokers use electronic cigarettes as an “aid” to stop smoking. Because many people who want to stop smoking are confronted with a whole series of unpleasant symptoms, they try to get rid of their addiction using an electronic cigarette. They find in the e-cigarette a way to limit or completely eliminate the traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is comfortable

There is also a group of people who smoke ordinary cigarettes in addition to electronic cigarettes. They vape because they don’t want to smoke outside in the cold or because they are not allowed to smoke in the house. While they vape, they can do it in places where traditional smoking is actually forbidden.


In addition to the groups mentioned above, there are still smokers who have discovered the different flavors of electronic cigarettes and who are devoted to a specific chocolate, mocha or mint flavor. What is more, under the impulse of certain Hollywood stars, a series of smokers were influenced by the new “lifestyle” and smoking habits of their idols.

Why is vaping so popular?

The big advantage of vaping is that you can quickly lower the nicotine level that you consume. There are diverse e-liquids for sale in various strengths on the market. Also, vaping is more and more popular because e-liquids come in multiple flavors such as menthol and fruit, but also peanut butter and pudding. This makes vaping more exciting and more popular than smoking.

Which e-cigarette should you buy?

Presently, there are numerous great cheap vaping deals available on the market. If you don’t know what e-cigarette should you buy, determine the flavor and amount of nicotine that you want to smoke. Also, there are different models of vaporizers so you should better do some basic research.

Which e-liquid should you choose?

An e-liquid is like a pair of shoes: if it doesn’t fit, you won’t use it! In other words, to find the right one, you must always try several. Start with a low dosage of nicotine, between 6 and 8 mg/ml to find which dosage will suit you the most.

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