Gun sights market is flooded with different types, brands, models.

There are reflex sight, holographic sight, prism sight, and other red dots. Then there are Vortex, Aimpoint, Bushnell, and other popular gun sight manufacturing companies and lastly, there are the SPARC 2, TRS-25, and other fancy models from those companies.

Even though it might feel like you have a lot of choices, once you figure out which type you want, it will simply boil down to your budget. Because all the models from different companies will be very close within a specific price range.

While we can’t help you with your budget, we can definitely suggest you buy Reflex sights over holographic sights and other red dot sights.

Here are the quick reflex sight review and 12 legit reasons why you should use reflex sight over other types of gun sights.

reflex sight

1.  Long Lasting Battery

Imagine going out on hike just to see your site has died due to low-battery – a nightmare.

That’s why this is a big issue for pro shooter and hunters.

Thankfully, Reflex sight uses the battery powered LED source. This use of LED instead of fancy and power consuming laser has it possible to use the reflex sights way longer than most other of its kind.

The batteries used in reflex sights pack so many hours of action that many of them last 5-10 times longer than other sights. Depending on the manufacturing companies, a reflex sight can operate for up to 10,000 hours in general.


2.  Parallax Free

Parallax can give the shooter hard-time to aim. That’s why Reflex sight manufacturing companies have come up with an idea to illuminate this issue.

By using collimating light, the parallax issue can be fixed for reflex sights. In case you are wondering, collimating light is actually a light that is parallel to the surface. So, when the light goes through the collimating lenses, it gets straight to bounce off another lens into the human eye. And this is how the reticle shooter sees on a Reflex sight is virtually fixed in a parallel position to the gun barrel. Even though it seems complicated, but it’s not actually. At the end of the day, this eliminates the parallax issue and what more could we ask for.


3.  Infinite Eye Relief

A big advantage of reflex sights is the lack of an eye relief. It means that the shooter’s head can be positioned at any angle, anywhere. Also, the shooter can keep both of his eyes open while aiming for the target. This makes reacquiring target easier too.

While holographic sights and many advanced sights have the same advantage, prism and other sights don’t come with this benefit. So, this is an important reason why you should use a reflex sight.

Also, if you use glasses to see clearly, reflex sight allows you to target without taking them off and this was possible only because of the lack of eye relief on Reflex sights.

4.  Best for Close Combats

Reflex sights don’t have any magnification.

For some people, this is a deal breaker, but for most, magnification is not that important if you are targeting from a big distance. Except for some rare cases where you might need to target from 300 yards or so, reflex sight works fine. In fact, for close combat, Reflex sights are second to none.

5.  Faster Target Acquisition

Another major plus point for Reflex sight is the fast target acquisition. Even if you lose the target, you can get it on the view field very quickly.

This faster acquisition is even enhanced in close range as reflex sights work best for short distance targeting.

6.  Simple Yet Strong Projection, Reticle

While holographic sight is way too complicated and the reticle moves from your view, Reflex sights are easier to understand and the reticle is reflected into your eye.

Besides, Reflex sight reticles are brighter as the light comes for the LED source, hits the lens, and then the reflection directly falls on the human eyes.

7.  Variation in Reticles

Along with bright and bold projection, popular manufactures of prism sights offer a number of variations in shape, sizes, and colors.

First of all, you can choose from bull’s eye, cross, dot, circle, etc. and ensure that you are comfortable aiming with that shape. Then you get variations in sizes of those reflex sight reticles. Lastly, you can choose from Red, Green, and Sometimes Blue as the color of the reticle. Mostly, reflex sights are red in color but you can get one with green and even blue if you are lucky.

8.  Lightweight Construction

Manufacturers of reflex sights worked very hard to bring it in today’s state.

Starting from designing the sight and housing the components efficiently to using lightweight materials, manufacturers had left no stones unturned to ensure the overall unit is comparatively lightweight and practical. And judging by the compact and lightweight units from different companies, it’s safe to assume that their hard work paid off.

9.  Rechargeable Batteries

Reflex sight batteries last longer than most gun sights. But these days, gun sight manufacturing companies are not happy with long-lasting batteries only. Instead of enjoying the victory, gun sights manufacturing companies decided to put rechargeable batteries on so that power is always at your fingertips.

10. Auto Shut-off

If you are okay with spending a few bucks extra on an automatic reflex sight with turns off the power when not being used, then go ahead and make the purchase because this is going to save a lot of battery life for you.


11. Comparatively Cheap

Despite having so many advantages, reflex sights are still comparatively inexpensive to their counterparts.

This was only possible because how simple the function of reflex sights are and how inexpensive the materials are. So, if you are running low on a few bucks then reflex sights are definitely the best option for you.


So here are the 11 main reasons why you should use reflex sight over other gun sights.

Now that you are convinced, it’s time for you to read some reflex sight reviews and pick a sight that suits your need the best.

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