Though all of us already know that how internet brought innovation to everything. I repeat everything. 50 years back, even imagining that one can order fruit, vegetable, meat and a lot of other things and in a minute they will get whatever they want, without moving an inch. Yes that’s what internet has done to this world now. Distances are minimized, impossible has been made possible. The world has become a global village.

If I particularly talk about retail industry, something exactly same has happened to this industry as well. We can see a major shift in retail industry after 1990’s. New retail trends has been introduced, and luckily they are more profitable. One of these new trends includes Retail API. Yes that’s a new innovation that hits the retail industry few years back. A sensible retailer is the one who has the ability to mold himself according to the latest market trends and innovation. So all the smart retailers here, reading my article let me tell you why you need API retail innovation to make your business a new success. And why more people are attracted towards API retail technology. Let’s have a quick look on it.

Importance Of Api Technology In Retail Industry

In case you are unaware of the term API, let me clear you API stands for “Application interface”. The main function of this technology is to integrate two programs or software functions so they can work together to process all the data. In simple words it is basically a point to point integration that is only accessible by the people who have right key. It’s nothing wrong in saying that API is actually something that you offer to your customer as a brand. I mean API retail includes all the brand essentials like catalogues, posters, product search, order confirmations, recommendation etc.

As with the development of online shopping department, the IT center of any online shopping rand has so much burden to create different API’s. Because when someone is shopping online, and they visit your website they are probably using many different API’s at the same time. For example: if someone is viewing the product details, they must are using product detail API. Similarly “Product you may like” API is often used. API’s makes it easy for the customers to search the desired product and to order it without any hurdle. The more active customer service your e-commerce store has, the more business you will get.

The above diagram is to make it clear that API retail works like a whole ecosystem. This co system has been developed to deliver “point to point” process. “Collaboration” is the most important element among retailers and consumers. The above model is the means by which retailers move the obligation regarding recharging procedures to suppliers. Yet, one of the barriers is trust, the more customers will have trust on your brand, the more they will feel secure before ordering any product from your online e-commerce store. On the off chance that retailers need to move the duty of renewal to providers, they should give them full desirability on store stock, deals and all other important information. At the end I want to summarize to make it understandable for you

API innovation gives you 4 important capabilities, they are as follows.

  1.   It gives a new intelligent insight to the business.
  2.   Build trust among retailers and customers.
  3.   Make sure that customers personal information is safe and not accessible buy any common man.
  4.   High security to protect corporate data as well.

Conclusion: Why do we need API technology in retail industry?

APIs are a key empowering innovation for this fundamental action. They are quick turning into a basic part of how retailers stay aware of the computerized move in their industry. if you want to be a successful retailer you need to learn how API retain works and I am sure this innovation will help you a lot.  It might be possible that you disagree with my words, but please do let me know if you want me to add some other important point in the above article.

That’s all from my side.

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