Unfortunately, many school-age children say that their school is a real prison. And it’s no wonder that modern students don’t like schools which heavily restrict students’ freedom. If they happened to be in Hachimitsu, they would definitely change their mind.

Hachimitsu, one of the severest, prestigious yet revered all-girls academies in Tokyo, where all students are rigorously selected, known due to its strict academic standards. This is the establishment where the draconian laws, however strange it may seem, are still in place. The Academy has decided to enroll five young males in their system. The boys were busted being voyeurs, and they afterward were taken to the Prison Block. And here is where from their wishes and dreams to become the first male students enrolled quickly turns into a nightmare.

What if you wake up at Hachimitsu Academy?

prison school season 2

Whereas you have just finished watching the first season, Prison School Season 2 would be great for the rest. All the characters in Prison School are far from what we usually would consider being absolutely normal. It does not have a particular genre classified as Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School & Seinen. The animation is a mix of simple yet detailed things. What’s more, its genre will be appreciated by both fans and those who are just looking for what kind of anime to pass a free evening for.  This is probably the most hilarious anime for young teenagers. The synopsis of the second part of such a work is as follows…

Punishment Ward

A high school student enrolls five boys high school students who were enlisted in the punishment ward (Prison) suspected to peep at the girls bathing while entering the suburbs of Tokyo. Kiyoshi, who is the lead character, among the few those “lucky boys” in Hachimitsu. On the very first day of enrolling he found out hard-hitting news:  there are 1016 girls walking around. Along with his friends, he dreamt of finding girlfriends for quite some time. One might jump to the conclusion that they would live on the hog because day by day they are going to face many girls. But girls refuse point-blank to talk to them. It was simply impossible to go through immovable roadblocks to communication. It was a time when the boys thought that they are losers and decide to make a hole to watch the girls taking a shower. Soon it turns out that the reason for such behavior lies within a shadowy student board. There is only one basic rule which is about no intimate connections. The evil plan of the boys has gone sour letting them go through a lot of personal growth. Some were caught and put in the school`s prison where all the adventures begin and they struggle to escape from the prison.

It is more than two years now since prison school season 1 came out. Initially, the cartoon video had to have its new episodes premiere in August 2017. The producer Tsutomu Mizushima himself announced this news. At the same time, the anime finished a long time ago and pretty much censored though so it is unlikely to be released. Unfortunately, it ended on a pretty lousy note; however, there is some suitable material for season 2. The director is busy doing a few more films such as Shirobako and Girls und Panzer and when the author asked him about season 2, he answered that he was booked fully for about two years. Naoyuki Uchida who is the author of the Prison School made it out to Tsutomu Mizushima on Twitter concerning any chance to shoot season 2 anytime soon. The response of the latter was somewhat doubtful.

All About Prison School Season 2

If there were anime, it would help manga production. In this connection, everything is complicated. If the anime promoted the manga with success, season 2 would be going on for sure. The sales of manga increased while the anime was running. When it ended, they declined it. They managed to sell four thousand five hundred nineteen units, which is okay; however, because of this we do not see season 2 as of yet. The manga was lasting for five years. Now it is ended and without it, season 2 is impossible to make.

Although, there is other information. Following this resource, season 2 will consist of ten episodes, and the release dates are:

Prison School Season and Episode Schedule

We can hope only, that prison school season 2 episodes watch online is going to be available this year or next 2020. Let us wait for any announcements from the studio or the producer whose nature is privy and a schedule of release is extremely tight.

Although the sales and stock of the original of Prison School are perfect, only sales of DVD are concerned in the second term production. However, it is told that it will make up for that less popular, and there may be turbulence that the second broadcasting day is decided suddenly. Prison School breaks as much as you like. Expectations will increase for the second term sequel.

It is quite possible to guess that Mizushima is simply being modest, especially considering the popularity of the anime. However, there is still no news about the continuation of Prison School. Let’s hope for the best.

It is unfortunately hard to recommend this movie but at the same time, everyone needs to watch it at least once. Although the main plot is based around respectively negative emotions, however, the boys band together through rigid conditions.

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