Nowadays, the giant of social media, Instagram has made updates in its feature of Stories for allowing the sharing with only a selective group of the close friends instead of the whole list of the followers or the general public.

Instagram now offers its users to make an exclusive list of “Close Friends” by adding the controls the same as the audience setting on Facebook. The list shows the names of those users who are permitted to see more personal stuff in the buying Instagram followers.

It is possible to update the list of Close Friends at any moment. No one will get notifications after he is removed or added. But, Instagram tells as you get on the list of someone by displaying you the green badge as you view the stories.  

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If you want to use this list for your business profile, here is a stepwise guide.

1: Create Your Close Friends List on Instagram

Only you are able to make your Close Friends list. People can’t send requests for joining your list, neither they can know if they get removed or added by you. Instagram makes it sure that you know about this tool and how to access it via various locations.

From the Profile Settings

For setting up the list of close friends from the profile settings, click on the three-lined icon on the top right side of your profile. Choose close friends from the menu. The list will be opened, offering you the recommended users for being added. Also, you can search for the specific people for adding into your list. Tap on green button for adding users to your list.

From the Story Post

Start by uploading the Instagram stories like usual and click on the icon of a green star located on the bottom of the screen, for adding users into your list. If there exists no one already on the list, a pop-up will appear, letting you include users in the list. After adding people on the list, your story post will get shared with these people.

2: Send your Instagram Stories to the List of Close Friends

Right now, Instagram lets only the sharing of stories with the people added in the list of close friends. The regular posts in feed stay public.

For sending a story to the close friends’ list, simply make the story as you usually do. Post a video or an image, include text or stickers and choose filters for the story. The layout has been slightly changed buy Instagram comments cheap for sharing of stories to include the new option of Close Friends. Now, you can see the option of sending the story to close friends at the bottom of story uploading screen.

3: Using the list of Close Friends for Business

As this new tool of close friends list sounds fun and exciting for average usage, businesses can get the advantage of the feature also. Here are some ways which can be considered while incorporating this tool in businesses:

Offer Rewards to the Top Followers

Without any doubt, you would have the followers who often, if not every time, like your posts or comment on them and followers that share your posts regarding your products or services with their friends. Think of adding these devoted followers to your list and also, share bonus features, special coupon codes, or early accesses to the new releases with them.

Send out Exclusive Offers and Content to VIPs and Group Members

If you provide private groups or VIP membership to the customers, you can place these customers on your list of close friends and offer additional incentives for both joining the group. Just like rewarding your most loyal followers, you can send early access to your features or products, special messages, special discount codes and much more to your VIPs and group members.

If you own a coaching center of some sort (fitness coaching, business coaching, etc.), it would be the great way to add each of your paying customers in the single Instagram group where they can get exclusive content. Rest of the audience can still get your valuable and educational free content; however, they won’t be able to see high-value tips which paid members will get.

Collaborate with the Influencers

If you work regularly with the particular brand ambassadors or influencers for promoting your business, add these important people in your list of close friends for sharing your products, updates, or new features with them. It provides them early access as well as opportunities for asking you queries before details get shared with the audience publicly.

Share Behind-the-Scenes or Private Content with the Mastermind Connections

One of the famous tactics is to use Instagram stories for showing behind-the-scenes or private content. However, sometimes it is not necessary to show another side of the story to everyone. You can choose some people with whom you feel comfortable to share such vulnerabilities, or those who you think would feel more value within the unique perspectives of your brand.

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