Cleaning is an everyday task; if you do not do anything at all, you will at least wash your dishes at the end of the day. Despite the fact we do some cleaning in the home every day, there are certain things we often overlook. These things also require cleaning, but they hardly get the attention they need even when you deep clean your home. Here are some five things that also need cleaning.

Door Knobs and Handles

Many people wash their hands when they get home. But, that is after touching the doorknob or handle to open it. That means they have already transferred the germs they carried from outside onto the doorknob. Unfortunately, most people who come inside your home touch the doorknob or handle. You can now imagine the number of bacteria and germs that are transferred to your door handles or knobs. Unfortunately, the dirt does not show on these handles and knobs. The next time you clean your home, remember to wet cloth to clean them. While you are at it, clean your light switches as well. Check out Simply Maid here to know more about various types of DIY cleaning.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be dirty, but they often remain unnoticed for months. They come into constant contact soapy water, dirt, shampoos, and dirty hands. When these things remain on the curtains for a long time, it will be hoard a lot of germs. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend that you deep clean your curtains. Just try to wash off the soap at all time. Then you remember to change it regularly.

Trash Can

Trash cans carry a lot of germs and bacteria. In fact, they are the most unsanitary thing in the home; they keep all the trash after all. Unfortunately, we often forget to clean it and then after a couple of weeks it looks awful. You cannot imagine the number of bacteria on this can when it is left uncleaned for a long time. The next time you throw your trash out, scrub your trash can. Wear gloves when you decide to clean the can. To get rid of all bacteria, scrub the can with a disinfectant and allow the disinfectant to soak and kill the bacteria before you rinse it off.

Clothes Basket

Have you thought of cleaning the basket that keeps all your dirty clothes? This basket is probably another container that houses a lot of germs. It is essential that you clean and disinfects it so that you do not end up cleaning more bacteria when you are washing your clothes.

Remote control

Just like mobile phones, remote controls are handled by everyone. Since the germs and bacteria do not show on them, we often overlook it even when cleaning the sitting room and couch. The next time you clean, do not pick the remote to clean the table or sofa. Use a microfiber cloth and a mild disinfectant to clean it. Do not spray liquids on it. You can also clean your phone in the process.  

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