It is an undeniable fact that traveling is the best medicine. Especially if you are someone struggling with depression or are under stress due to your job or other family issues then you need to take a break from everything and start traveling. Travelling is all about giving your own self the space that you need to figure out things in life and explore and enjoy the world around you.

Now, if you are someone who needs to find a little motivation and inspiration for traveling then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are here with some of the best travel accounts on Instagram that actually bring you all the motivation you need to pack your bags and set on a journey. In fact, if you want to start a travel blog of your own on Instagram then yes you can get some inspiration from these accounts and you can easily build a solid travel blog by buying Instagram likes in the beginning.

The best part is that now almost all the smartphone cameras provide top notch quality pictures that are to die for. And if you visit these best travel accounts on Instagram, you will be shocked to see that there is so much that needs to be explored by you and you will feel like you are living on the other side of the world.


Alex Strohl @alexstrohl

Alex Strohl has one of the largest following in the history of Instagram. Right now his followers are somewhat around 1.9 million and this figure is continuously increasing with the passage of days.  Alex is actually based out of Whitefish, Montana but if you look at his Instagram account, you will see that he actually loves to travel and he puts some amazing breathtaking photographs from all around the world. You won’t find much of his selfies on his account but when it comes to the untouched nature, get ready to drop your jaws because damn, his photography skills, and the nature combined are just to die for.


Matthew Karsten @expertvagabond

Some people just know how to pursue their dreams and Matt Karsten is one of them. He was a freelance photographer but then by the year 2010, Matt left photography and decided to travel the world for the next seven years. He has traveled around 50 countries during his vagabond time and to be honest, he has touched almost every single corner of the world so yes, you can expect some amazing pictures of the world in his account. From adventure and some hikes to extreme sports, Matt has captured it all in his camera and now he is sharing the joy of traveling with the world. If you are looking for some serious and quick motivation to travel then before anything else, just go to Instagram and follow him as soon as possible.


Tommy Clarke @tommy.clarke

Tommy Clarke is one of the most adventurous people in the world and if you want to see some breathtaking photographs and true birds-eye view of some amazing international destinations then yes, you’ve got to follow this man. The most interesting part about Tommy is that he never used a done to capture the birds eye view photographs, in fact, he actually hangs from a helicopter to take those amazing pictures of the nature and the world from the very top. You can imagine his passion and love for travelling and photography once you visit his account on Instagram. On his account , you will see several photographs of public beaches, shorelines etc. You can actually feel the warmth of the sand between your toes and on your back once you see his pictures and posts.

These are a few best travel blogs that you must follow. Now, don’t waste any further time and just follow these accounts for some real time motivation and inspiration.

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