Our physical body needs a lot of energy to maintain its normal functioning and stay healthy. To support our body, we add life to it through drinking and eating. This energy is used up by the body in everyday activities, from thinking to running. To maintain a healthy body and keep it fit, the amount of energy we consume must be the same as the energy we use. To be trim in 2021, losing body fat is not only a requirement but a necessity – as the saying goes, ‘sound body sound mind’. Losing excess fat in your body affects you physically and emotionally. Maybe you had forgotten and neglected your self-care routine in 2020 due to quarantine, and because of this, you have added excess body fat. 

In this article, the good news is that we will discuss tips that will stimulate fat loss in your body and keep you trim and fit in 2021. The following are easy to do tips that will help you lose excess weight.

Reducing Your Calorie Intake

To have a compelling fat loss journey in 2021. Reducing your calorie intake to the optimum is essential. The tracking calorie content in your food and drink will help you not to consume too much of it. Many shop-bought foods usually state calorie content on their packages as energy. Having calorie information on particular food help you to control your calorie intake. Another way to regulate calorie consumption is to eliminate white wheat and processed foods since they are full of empty calories that are not useful to the body.

reduce calorie intake to keep trim in 2021

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Increase Protein Intake

If you want to have a successful fat loss journey, your main goal should focus on adding protein to every meal. Protein is known to increase testosterone levels in your body, which is needed to build muscle and burn excess fat in the body. Adding low-fat protein to your diet will help maintain energy throughout the day, reducing your likelihood to overeat. Good protein sources include beans, lean meat, eggs, peanut butter, chicken, and fish. It is advisable to take a small portion of the meal at least six times a day. 

Regular Exercise

Physical activities, like running and walking, are great when it comes to weight loss – they are excellent ways to burn calories and excess fat. The more vigorous you’re in your regular exercise, the more calories you burn but you should try to take at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Walking is a straightforward exercise that you don’t need any special equipment, yet its effects are enormous. Walking burns calories improves your blood sugar levels, and lowers the risk of heart attack, as well as helping boost your mood. Walking is even an excellent de-stressing activity that enables you to fight depression and stress.

Creating a Good Sleeping Routine

good sleeping routine tips to keep trim in 2021

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According to scientific studies, good sleep is crucial to maintain health, especially if you plan to lose weight. Studies show people who sleep around six to eight hours a night tend to have lower levels of stress, which increases the chance of trimming down body fat. Poor sleep is linked to high-stress levels and obesity – research shows that poor sleep puts a person under pressure, and thus sticking to a weight loss program will be more difficult.

Intermittent Fasting

Studies show intermittent fasting helps in weight loss. An eating pattern that involves a cycle of fasting and eating is its primary focus – not what you eat, but when you eat. The principle behind it is that when you fast, your insulin levels go down, and body fat is burned off during this period.

Drinking a lot of water and taking more vegetables to enrich your diet with minerals and vitamins is also important.


Exercise and diet are essential in weight loss, and the tips given above are good practical advice but be sure to consult a doctor first if you have any underlying conditions. 

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