Law is a complicated and comprehensive subject. It is not easy to understand and deal with it without a professional’s help. It might seem dreadful to ask for legal assistance, but there’s no need to panic. There are many lawyers ready to help you deal with your issue ideally and effectively. It would be best if you had an honest discussion regarding your problem with them. Suppose you have already had a bad experience with a previous lawyer or attorney. In that case, you must learn from it before choosing another. But even if you are new at this, take your time and weigh your options wisely before deciding.  

Steps to Reach a Good Lawyer

In all honesty, finding the right lawyer who’ll be able to help you out just as you need is a tiring process. And not having an immediate referral makes it even more challenging. But no need to fret; with an extensive step-by-step plan, you’ll be able to find a good lawyer in no time. Let’s see how:

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  • Identify your problem

As humans, we tend to overestimate our problems at times. So, the first step is to identify your problem and check if legal help is even needed or not. Look up the internet and your local resource center to see if your issue has a legal remedy or not. Does the problem require a court case at all?

There are several problems like filing a divorce, demanding custody, or suing your employer for illegal practices requiring a definite attorney to be on your side. But some issues are comparatively trivial and might be resolved just by consulting a lawyer or an out of court settlement. Many lawyers are ready to coach and counsel you only, too. However, try not to delay this process because the law can question it.

  • Look for a relevant attorney

Alright, you’ve identified the problem discovered that legal help is required. What next? No points for guessing.

There are, indeed, different attorneys for different legal issues. Lawyers undertake training in particular fields, such as criminal law, business law, family law, or personal damage law. It is necessary to choose the right type of attorney based on the help you need. For instance, you were walking on the road, and unfortunately, end up getting injured in a motorcycle accident. And it was ‘clearly’ the other person’s fault! In such a scenario, you have a legal right to receive compensation and should consult a motorcycle accident attorney because they specialize in this area. A corporate tax lawyer will be of little to no help.

  • Check references

It is not easy to trust just anyone with your complex legal problems. Lawyers are of great help when it comes to strategic advice regarding legitimate matters. To choose the perfect one for your issue, you need to check references. There are a few ways to do so:

  • Personal:

It is not ideal to pursue a lawyer solely on your instincts. Your friends, family, or people of the community might have better advice than you can think of. It is always advisable to learn through others’ mistakes so that you don’t end up making one. For example, if you are filing a divorce, ask a divorced friend about the attorney who helped them out.

  • Online legal services

Make the best use of the internet and surf through the infinite options of online legal services. Many of them only require you to know your problems’ basics and then link you to the nearest relevant lawyer. It is an easy way, but you should look out for scams and personally meet the lawyer before finalizing the arrangement.  

  • Lawyer referral services

It is contacting a lawyers’ agency to help you out in finding the right lawyer. These referral services allow you to see through the qualifications and other defining qualities of many lawyers before selecting one. They are trustworthy because they have a detailed screening process, but they might not give you personal insights regarding the lawyers.

  • Consider your payment plan

Lawyers are EXPENSIVE! You might have to spend more on the lawyer’s fee than what you might have been thinking. After all, it is one of the highest-paid professions in an economy due to its complexity, high risk, and need for building trust. But always ensure that you have full knowledge regarding legal assistance programs near you. Many of these programs offer free or low-priced legal services when needed. They often guide you to their staff or volunteer lawyer based on your income and property. An expensive lawyer does not mean definite success, but a lawyer with a high success rate will most likely charge a high retainer. So plan your budget wisely.

  • Look for these essential qualities in a lawyer

Like any other service, to find a good lawyer, look for certain qualities. There might be numerous distinguishing factors among the lawyers you are considering, but always note if they have these three essential qualities. 

  • Responsiveness 

A good lawyer always understands the need for effective communication. If you feel like your legal advisor is avoiding you, or is not replying on time, then you might want to reconsider. Timely and efficient responsiveness necessitates complete knowledge and understanding of your case.

  • Critical skills

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Lawyers need quick thinking and quick analysis, and for that, they need critical thinking skills. They should be capable enough to look at your case from every point of view. For instance, a family lawyer must consider the mother’s stance and the father’s when presenting a custody case. 

  • Good research skills

Practicing law requires constant learning, and an experienced plus a successful lawyer has exceptional research skills. These are important to stay proactive and have relevant insights about your opponents.

  • Consult the lawyers as soon as possible 

After comparing your available options:

  1. Shortlist the ones you find capable enough to handle your case.
  2. Meet them as soon as you can so the process completes as promptly as possible.
  3. Try to connect with them after an honest discussion about your issue.
  4. Ask them relevant questions about how they intend to help you and how their solution might differ from yours.
  5. Discuss the fee, negotiate it if you can, and clearly understand the payment process to avoid misunderstandings. 
  • Choose the one you are comfortable with

The final step is to compare the consulted lawyers and pick the best option. It is almost like hiring an employee, don’t get emotionally driven. Try to reason, compare skills and capabilities. And go for the one who makes you feel comfortable and content.


Finding a good lawyer and then going through the whole process can be quite testing. If your case is exceptionally complex, then you might find yourself being a pessimist amongst all of it. But always believe in your choice and trust your lawyer. After such in-depth analysis and thorough research, it is unlikely for you to get stuck with an incompetent one. Thus, try to stay as positive as you can!

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