If it’s your first time shopping for a gaming PC, then you might be excited. At the same time, you might not know where and how you should spend your money. How much should you spend on your video card? Does the sound card really make a difference? How much RAM do you need to run your favorite games? What about the monitor? 

These are all questions that you might be asking yourself right now. The truth is that finding a PC that will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience doesn’t have to be difficult, or even expensive. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the most important things to consider when picking a gaming PC, and some that might not make much of a difference.

It all starts with the Processor

The processor will usually be the first thing mentioned when buying a PC, and for good reason. It’s the processor that will determine how your PC performs with most games. However, while the power of the processor will be important, what you should pay special attention to is how many cores it has. 

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The more cores on the CPU, the more efficiently it will be able to multitask, process information, and make calculations. You shouldn’t go under a quad-core, with the sweet spot at around 6 to 8, though you can find CPUs with up to 16 cores on the consumer market.

Size Matters

Some people may see their PC’s actual size as an afterthought, but it’s still very important. For instance, a lot of people will assume that a smaller PC is always better, but, choosing a box that is too small could end up limiting you if you want to make upgrades later on.

The best choice is to go for a slightly larger machine. You don’t have to go for a monolith, a nice mid-sized tower like the Cyberpower PC Gamer Ultra will give you more than enough room for future modifications. These tend to be quieter than smaller units as well.

Graphics and Sound

If you’re a serious gamer, then the GPU will be one of the most important things to look at. This is what will affect the visual quality of games, frame rates, and resolution. If you want to know how powerful a graphics card is, you can usually tell by the name and number. The higher the number, the more powerful the card. Entry-level cards like the Nvidia GTX 1650 are ok if you intend to play games at 1080p or lower, but if you want to play at 1440p and still have good frame rates, we suggest you look at something like the RX 5700 and the RDX 2060.

Don’t Go Crazy with the Ram

A lot of people put way too much importance on RAM when picking up a machine. While more RAM will make a difference to frame rates and detail, the difference between 16GB and 64GB of RAM will be negligible. 16GB will be more than enough for you to enjoy most games without issues.


Now that you know more about what to look for in a gaming PC, you’ll be able to make a better decision. Make sure that you do your research before picking any unit, and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion before you buy it.

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