Have you ever thought about investing in solar energy?

With advances in technology and decreases in the prices of solar panels, now is the best time to get these on your home! Keep reading below to learn about solar technology and how much it costs. 

The Technology of Solar Panels – A History

Did you know that researchers in France and the United States started to develop solar panel tech as early as the 19th Century?

Over the next century, there were many other advances in solar energy. Bell Laboratories discovered in the 1950s that by using silicon they could bump efficiency to 6 percent. 

The University of Delaware created the first-ever solar building in 1973, called “Solar One.” Later, the U.S. government passed Congress passed the Solar Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Act of 1974. This was a commitment to continue developing the technology.

The use of solar panels continues to grow around the world and today it’s cheaper than ever to install solar panels on your home. 

How Do Solar Panels Works?

You’ve probably seen large solar panels on your neighbor’s house and wondered how they work? These panels are made up of many smaller units called photovoltaic cells. The inside of these cells is two slices of silicon or some other semiconducting material. 

Once installed the cells create an electric field. The top part of the cell has a negative charge and the bottom is positive. Photons from sunlight hit the cells and knock one of the electrons free. This electron is collected and turned into power. 

Besides photovoltaic solar panels on your home, there are also two other types: solar thermal and concentrated solar power.

What’s more impressive is how researchers continue to make amazing advances in solar panels. Cells are being developed to be thinner than ever before yet able to produce an unprecedented amount of energy. 

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

If you’re interested in getting solar panels for your house, you probably have two questions: how much do they cost and how long do solar panels last?

Installing solar panels on your home can be expensive in the beginning, but the good news is they’ll last 25 or more years. The cost of solar panels has trended down 70% since 2009

Most homeowners take out a loan to cover the upfront costs, but the federal government offers excellent tax rebates for people who install solar panels. The current rate is a 26% tax credit.

Don’t consider getting solar panels unless you plan to stay in your home for a long time. Once you pay off the panels, you can even begin “selling back” your power to the electric company. 

Solar companies in your community can help you learn more about technology and your financial options. 

Invest in Solar Energy

Hopefully, you’ll understand more about the technology of solar panels after reading this article. Reach out to your local solar company to get started. These panels will help you save money in the long run and help the environment.

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