With so many beautiful cities stretching across the countryside, only a fool would visit England and stay in the same place. No matter where you go in this magical land, there are always opportunities to explore England on a weekend break. From historic towns to scenic beaches to fine dining, we have rounded up the most popular cities for the perfect UK weekend getaway (or one-day trips!).

  1. Lose yourself in London

No trip to England would be complete without a visit to the British capital. On your weekend trip to London, you will get to know this vibrant centre of the country. The city is enriched with culture, history and impressive monuments that are known all over the world. The Big Smoke is hectic, and the city is full of life – that is all part of what makes London so popular.

Do not forget your camera as the city is full of photo opportunities: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square are all within walking distance of each other, while the Tower of London, Hyde Park and all of London’s world-famous museums are just a short underground ride away.

  1. Stand on the seafront in Brighton

Due to its proximity to the capital, Brighton is also ideal for making trips to the coast from London. Only one hour away from the capital, and only a train ride of 30 minutes away from the equally as popular town Three Bridges, Southern Railway offers regular services throughout the whole day to make sure you are connected. While strolling through the Lanes, you can shop in vintage fashion boutiques, browse second-hand book or music stores, and pick up locally made offerings before settling down for a hot cup of coffee and a piece of cake at a local bakery. Once you have visited the art galleries, snapped a photo of the beautiful Brighton Pavilion and met the marine life at Sea World, stroll along the beach and discover the famous pier – just watch out for the food-stealing seagulls.

  1. Go to the water in Oxford

On your weekend trip to England, you have already successfully meandered through London and mastered the underground passages – how about a change of pace and landscape? Just an hour away by train, Oxford could not be different. The best way to explore this beautiful old university town is to sail down the river in a traditional little wooden boat: you do not need an oar as you have a large stick to drift you downstream instead. The whole thing is called “punting” and we can assure you that it really exists and that it is a great experience.

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