After the invention of the e-cigarette, it quickly became clear that vaping is much cheaper than regular smoking. It is also less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. After you have purchased the electronic cigarette, you can benefit from various vaping deals.

Why should you buy an e-cigarette and start to vape?

Do you want to start to vape? Then you should purchase an e-cigarette. You can then continue to use it for a more extended period, by filling it with the e-liquids that are available in different variations. You only use the cigarette itself as the holder, along with the battery. So mainly, you are investing in a valuable cigarette, which you can use with pleasure in the coming years. In this way, electronic smoking is a lot cheaper than having to buy a packet of cigarettes again and again.

Cheaper than smoking

Moreover, e-liquids are a lot cheaper option than the popular cigarette packages that you need to purchase. Do you, for example, smoke a pack a day? Then the costs can quickly rise to a few hundred euros per month. Thanks to the inexpensive e-liquids, this is no longer the case, since you can purchase them at very reasonable prices. Even in combination with the purchase of the electric cigarette, you can count on a payback period of a maximum of 1 – 3 months. After that time smoking becomes a lot cheaper thanks to e-cigarette and liquids. Cheaper smoking is therefore entirely possible if you switch to vaping.

Vaping vs smoking

The fact that smoking a traditional cigarette is bad for you is something we know by now. But what about smoking an e-cigarette?

There have been many studies about why regular smoking is so bad. We know that there are 4000 chemicals in the smoke of a traditional cigarette and 40 of them certainly increase the risk of cancer. People who don’t smoke but who are in this smoke for a long time also have an increased risk of lung cancer. All those additional substances present in a cigarette, keep you as addicted as possible. In addition to the tar that blackens your lungs, there are cough inhibitors to ensure that you can keep all that toxic smoke inside. The reason why you might not know this is because the tobacco industry is not obliged to report what exactly is in a cigarette. But it is different with manufacturers of e-liquids. They must indicate what is inside an e-liquid and that’s why it’s much safer to vape than to smoke.

Benefits of e-cigarette to your health

Let’s first say that good health is the most important thing and this is probably the main reason that you are reading this post right now. In addition to your health, there are many benefits that you will notice when you switch to the e-cigarette. Below you can read a few:

White teeth

Finally, you can enjoy a sweet and fresh smile! Because of the lack of tar, you will soon notice that the yellow coat will disappear from your teeth. For example, check the back of your lower teeth after a month.

You don’t smell bad

Actually, this point doesn’t even need any explanation. Also, the air from your mouth will smell a lot more pleasant if you decide to vape instead of smoking.

Diverse and tasty flavors to choose from

There are numerous e-liquid brands with a myriad of flavors, in all price ranges. Some types of e-cigarettes allow you to fill this fluid manually into the tank, while smaller ones use pre-filled tanks, often called “cartridges”. Both with the tobacco flavor and with a fruit flavor you will always experience a more pleasant taste than with cigarettes.

Nicotine control

You can now decide how much nicotine you want to ‘use’. So reducing and adding some more is an option!

You do not have to stand in the cold or rain anymore

Because the ceiling and your entire furniture were damaged by the tar, you stood on the balcony or in the garden. With an e-cigarette, you can vape without experiencing any unpleasant consequences in your home. Of course, you can always stand outside.

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid can be experienced as a robust liquid containing ingredients and in some cases nicotine. If the E-liquid includes a lot of vegetable glycerin, then the liquid can be perceived as even more delicate. It is the e-liquid that evaporates inside your liquid container using the coil. It is the major task of the coil to evaporate the e-liquid, and it is recommended to have a strong coil.

The nicotine in your e-liquid

There are various nicotine powers that you can choose for your e-liquid. On the market, you will find pre-mixed e-liquids containing nicotine. There are nicotine strengths such as 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. You have to choose Vape Deals that suit you best.


Research at this time indicates that vaping is 95% better for your health than regular smoking. Vaping is also much cheaper and brings a lot of additional benefits. So, would you rather smoke or vape?

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