Swimming is a famous, entertaining and one of the most watched games in any sporting event. It is done for leisure, for health, and as a sports activity. Unlike other activities like walking, jogging and running, swimming is done using medium, water.

So, you need to learn top private swimming lessons before indulging any form of activity in the pool, lake, or sea.

Without adequate training, it is very dangerous to enter the water. It is a low impact sport and injury chances are less, but without the knowledge of swimming, you might be risking your life.

All children should learn swimming with the help of a fully trained professional. They should learn to get back to surface or know to hold something when in danger. Every child should learn the basics of survival when he/she falls into a water body.

Parents should take all necessary steps to teach swimming to their children.

When and how should a child learn swimming?

  1. Not all children can learn swimming at the same age; it depends on body health and fitness, their mental strength and limitations of a child. They should be able to understand what a coach says and should replicate that in the pool. So, talk to your child before joining him in a class, it is very important that they understand the necessity to learn swimming. Mentally a child should be prepared strong before hitting a pool. They should keep aside the fear of water and should be explained about the pleasure of swimming.
  2. Join them to a class which has certified and well-qualified instructors. Apart from instructors, they should have adequate safeguards with first aid training, manning the swimming area. Teachers should be patient while teaching a kid. Areas inside the pool should be well marked and displaying the depth of the pool. Instructors should use floatation devices at the start of the swimming classes, which would reduce the fear of a child’s mind.
  3. Children should be advised to avoid pools or any water body without a proper guide. Children are very attracted to water and when seeing the water they like to play without thinking about the consequences of a mishap. When in danger they should be trained to alert people around the area for help.
  4. Parents should be present when the training is given. More than the teachers the kids have faith in their parents, but the parents should keep a safe distance during the training session. To avoid, some kids start screaming when they see their parents near the pool. So stay away from the eyesight of your kids during the coaching classes.
  5. Children should be taught about safe swimming. Knowing swimming does not guarantee your child’s safety in the water. Fatigue, ill health, can also prevent a child from reaching the safe area. Advise them the danger of entering a pool area without elders and teach them the risk of entering an unknown water body in tourist spots. These water bodies will possess unknown risk in their bottom.

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