The United States is one of the countries with the largest landmass in the World. The United States has a lot of tourist attraction and a large turn out when it comes to the population of tourists who visit the United States every year from various countries of the world.  According to statistics, many states in the United States have more population of foreign tourists yearly that many countries of the world. A good example of one of the States is New York State. New York City alone has more than 15 percent of tourists that visit the whole of North America yearly. Before a tourist can travel to the United States without being under the ESTA program, he or she must get the United States tourist visa. Before getting the United States visa, some important steps should be taken which are unknown to a lot of tourists, which is the reason why a lot of tourists are denied the tourist visa. Few important steps that should be taken before getting a tourist visa include:


Get a passport –

The first step that should be taken before applying for the United States visa is getting an international passport, which is what the tourist visa will be stamped on. The passport is your mode of identification while traveling, without it traveling will not be possible. Getting a passport is not difficult; it depends on the country you want to get it from and the mode at which they give their passports. The most popular way by which countries give passports to their citizens is by giving it at their embassies. 

If you are traveling to the United States, you should check if you are eligible for an ESTA or a visa. If you are eligible for an ESTA online, you will have to submit ESTA application online. You will be eligible if your country belongs to the visa waiver program countries.

Get your statement of account –

Statement of account is a document that shows the balance and recent transactions in your bank account or the bank account of your sponsor. The account statement is a very important document while applying for the United States tourist visa. The statement of account must be provided as part of the documents that will be submitted for the visa application. Many tourists have argued the importance placed on the account statement as a burden to them, and they have also requested for it to be canceled. The reason why the statement of account has been made important is because of the sudden increase in several tourists that are living in the United States illegally and the number of tourists that violate their visa terms in other ways before returning to their country. The statement of account must show that you or your sponsor is buoyant enough to travel to the United States for the period requested and will be willing to return. The statement of account is just like a guarantee to the United States that tourists are not asylum seekers or job seekers who are disguising as tourists to enter the United States. To get the statement of account, it is important that you go to your bank and make a request for it so that you can be given a stamped one as it needs to be with the bank’s stamp.

Get other necessary documents –

After getting your passport and statement of account, the next step that should be taken is making sure other documents needed are provided. These documents include birth certificate, recent medical checkup result, etc. To know the right documents to get and the ones to ignore, it is advisable to visit the United States embassy site as there may be changes in the required document at any time so that you will be aware of any change occurs. 

Visa Application –

After getting the necessary documents ready, the next step is to apply for the tourist visa. To apply for the tourist visa, all you need to do is to go to the United States embassy’s site in your country, pay for the visa fee, and apply for the tourist visa. After paying for the visa fee, which can be done through a check or bank card, an interview date will be scheduled and given to you. After getting your interview date, it is important to print all necessary documents from the embassy’s site.

Interview –

After visa application, the next thing to do is to attend the interview on the scheduled sate. Attending an interview should not make you panic; you should be brave and firm while answering the interviewer. Another important tip to consider before attending the interview is being punctual. Getting late to an interview is a very bad idea which can jeopardize your entire efforts. 

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