Yoga has risen to be one of the most popular fitness trends in the world since it has proven to boost the health and mental status of its participants. Due to the global yoga acceptance, updated yoga studios with competent instructors have developed to provide a great customer experience to all their clients. The instructors are using various marketing techniques, including SMS marketing or text message marketing, and advanced customer communication to generate traffic. Recently they have adopted an online yoga class booking system using scheduling software to help you reserve your desired yoga class session easily. Here is a step by step guide to help you book your next class.

Choose a Reliable site

Do in-depth research to get an ideal yoga studio, with a perfect fitness management program that will help you achieve your goals. Check the studio’s convenience in terms of location, duration, and time of the day to determine whether it suits your schedule. Check out the studio’s reviews to find out the teaching styles involved, the overall customer experience, and fitness instructor software applied. Find out the instructor’s credibility, experience, and customer communication style. Also, determine whether they offer a reliable yoga class booking system.

Download the app

Go to a relevant site, download gymcatch, or the studio’s private website using your Android or Apple devices so that you can have to have full access to your account, available schedules, and other relevant information at hand.

Register and Log in

Now that you have downloaded an application, log in and create your account. Include your name and email, and depending on the booking system, you will enjoy a guided username and password creating procedure. But if it’s not your first time on the webpage, then you may only need to enter your email address, and password then proceed.

Select a Yoga Class Session

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If your gym studio uses gymcatch scheduling software, then you will have access to two types of classes. You can either view various categories with start and end times listed at the business calendar or find other flexible appointment slots showing the number of trainers available for booking during certain times.

Select the class you may want to attend, and for the flexible appointments, you may want to add yourself in the waitlist in case the slots are full since they regularly become available when a client cancels the session. Remain stand by, and you will get notified through business text messaging in case a spot emerges.

Choose your Start Dates and Agree to Terms

Click on the classes to view the schedules, and you are in charge of your program, so you need to select a suitable starting time to avoid inconveniences. You can choose a morning, midday, or evening class. Indicate the date you wish to start your training and proceed to the studio’s guidelines and requirements. Read through the rules and agreements if you consent with the terms, agree, and continue to booking.

Add an Extra Class

Most websites allow for future class alternatives, and if you wish to add a session, choose the ‘book multiple classes’ option. Depending on your class numbers, you can select the less busy forums.

Book a Reservation

Confirm that you want to attend a specific class; you can click to reserve a single session or the recurring reservation to book a particular time each week. You should receive a confirmation email or you will automatically be taken back to the ‘select class’ pages in case you missed something.

Make Payment

The payment method varies depending on your studio’s fitness management procedures and the fitness instructor software used. Find out the payment methods applicable to your yoga studio by going through the marketing information before payment. Also, determine whether the studio allows partial or full remittance and pay accordingly. After payment, you are now set to start your classes.

Get in Touch with the Studio

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Yoga studios that have embraced text message marketing or any other small business marketing procedures will send you a follow-up SMS or email to confirm your attendance before each class session. Moreover, if you have any concerns, you can always contact the studio’s support team through the availed contact or email to clear up any controversies.

Understand the Cancellation Process

If you want to modify your appointment or you are unable to attend any class due to personal commitments, you can cancel your yoga session. Log into your account, proceed to your schedule then click on the cancel button next to the class you are unable to attend.


Many yoga businesses are now adopting digital booking procedures by creating website awareness through SMS marketing and other small business marketing strategies to attract a substantial client base. The above steps will help you book a reservation to the desired yoga studio through your phone, tablet, or computer at the comfort of your home.

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