Social media algorithms are changing constantly. What worked for your SMM yesterday can fail to funnel any audience to your posts tomorrow. Growing a business requires being on top of the marketing things – the best website builder for new business, best content, and now, best latest social media marketing techniques, which you can piggyback in your campaigns to get massive and steady traffic. Here’s a list of tricks you haven’t used to your advantage yet.

How to save from Facebook live videos

 React to popular affairs in Facebook posts

Facebook takes care of its content being relevant and timely for its users. If you want your posts to be seen by more people, talk about popular events and current trendy affairs. Keywords from these topics will send a signal to Facebook that your post is highly important and topical.

Post via Instagram, share on Facebook

The synergy between Facebook and Instagram is beneficial not only in terms of ads (you set a campaign on Facebook and it gets duplicated on Instagram automatically) but also in terms of engagement. Statistics shared by Buzzsumo points to an interesting fact that images posted via Instagram and then shared on Facebook get more engagement than images primarily posted on Facebook. If you are still in doubts whether or not your business needs an Instagram account, think no further. Growing both profiles simultaneously will maximize your audience and boost engagement.

Follow the 3:6:1 ratio for posts

Most businesses use unique, curated, and promotional content on their social media. But do you know how much of every kind of content you need to post? A recommended ratio is 30% original content, 60% curated content from trusted courses, and only 10% promotional.

Add tabs to your Facebook business page

All businesses have equal opportunities on Facebook, but it doesn’t mean all business pages have to look the same. You can add tabs relevant to your business (About, Photos, Videos, Events, etc.) to make your page helpful for your audience and more professional.

Use links with UTM codes

If you run several marketing campaigns on different media and direct traffic to your company website, you would like to know which source gives you most of your traffic. Google Analytics enables you to find it out if you use links with UTM codes. This code attaches to your URL creating a vanity URL for each campaign and making it easy to track where your traffic comes from.

Avoid hashtags on Facebook and limit them on other media

Another statistics from Buzzsumo revealed that hashtags in Facebook posts kill engagement. So, as Facebook hashtags don’t help your posts attract more readers, leave them for Instagram and Twitter. This doesn’t, however, mean you can binge paste them on those two platforms. Overdoing with hashtags (going above 25) or using the same set of hashtags in multiple posts send a signal to Instagram that you post is spammy, so it can hide the post from your audience. Keep hashtags as tailor-made and to the point as possible. A great way to widen the exposure without overdoing on hashtags is pairing them based on logical links. For example, if a user isn’t necessarily interested in #steak, he can still find you if you pair it with #wine.

Know your audience’s active hours

Only your followers can prompt you on the best time to publish your posts. You can get this information from the Facebook Insights menu.

Let them save or pin for later

Sometimes, it happens that users aren’t able to go through your post right away when they find it in the feed. And unfortunately, not so many users know that they can save posts on Facebook and find them in “Saved Links” later. However, you can enable your busy audience to get back to the post by adding the “Pin it for later” link. It’s a great way to get your useful post pinned on your customer’s board where it will generate exposure and loyalty.

Manage your ad flow based on your interests

You must already know that promotional content featured on Facebook doesn’t appear there randomly. Facebook suggests ads based on information users let the network know. This goes far beyond the location, age, interests and other demographics marketers use to target ads.

Facebook analyses the websites and apps people use, posts they like, groups they follow, and even their visual content in order to create a full user’s lifestyle profile. For example, if you’ve posted photos from Germany you visited recently, you’ll see more promotional content from German businesses on your page. You can change the ad preferences by changing the spectrum of your interests or even go ad-free for some period of time.

Keep LinkedIn for important connections

Although social media are perfect tools for searching for friends you haven’t seen for ten years or so, you have to remember that LinkedIn limits the number of connection you can make. It is wiser to use them for networking that is crucial for your business and leave personal affairs to Facebook.

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