Make a difference in the world by giving back to society. Donating slightly used items to charity is an excellent way to enhance the lives of others while reducing trash.

Have you considered where you could give clothes, furniture, household items, toys, and books to help someone in need? The ancient saying, “It’s better to give than to receive,” could not be more true in Singapore, where many of us have more than we need. Donating your lightly used (and pre-loved) products is a terrific way to give back while reducing waste. Read on to learn about organizations to give to in Singapore, then gather the kids and get to work sorting!

Charities to donate to in Singapore

1. Provide home supplies to migrant labourers staying in Singapore shelters

Charities to donate to in Singapore

The Humanitarian Organization of Migrant Economics (HOME) is an anti-trafficking organisation dedicated to celebrating and protecting the dignity and rights of migrant workers. With around 1.4 million migrant workers in Singapore, HOME has assisted numerous migrants, some of them were victims of human trafficking or forced labor. Through HOME Academy, HOME also provides housing, health tests, and a range of vocational training.

Household goods such as detergent, cleaning supplies, and toiletries will benefit individuals staying in HOME shelters. Desktop computers, laptops, domestic appliances, and healthcare devices are all welcome at HOME Academy for additional instruction. Donations in cash can also be made online at this link.

2. Donate furniture, household appliances, medical supplies, and educational materials to individuals in need.

Pass-It-On is a non-profit initiative founded by Central Singapore CDC and operated by the Helping Hand. It aims to serve as a digital platform for the transfer of undesired but needed objects such as medical equipment and furnishings. It connects the general public with Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs), who may then request products from the “Wish List.”

Home appliances, furnishings, medical equipment, mobility assistance, and learning aids are all examples of home appliances.

3. Donate food

The Food Bank is a location where businesses and individuals may deposit or contribute food for those in need. The Food Bank was founded by two dedicated people who wanted to fight poverty and minimise food waste. It provides food to its clients through a network of partners that includes voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), charities, and soup kitchens.

Make a deposit at the Food Bank location, such as canned food or dried items. You may also contribute money to support the organisation. You may also commit a meal for families and people who are in desperate need of food.

4. Donate money to support youth, children and families

Donate money to support youth in Singapore.

Donate money to different organizations working in Singapore such as  G2C child donation organisations which help different children, families and young people who cannot afford their living to live a better life like normal people. Become a part of such organizations and help them to reach more people and help more humans to have a better future.

5. Support vocational training and provide products for fund-raising to empower the intellectually disabled

The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) seeks to empower people with intellectual disabilities and assist them in participating fully in society. MINDS Shop offers a carefully curated selection of furniture, clothing and collectibles, and houseware. It also provides an excellent opportunity for the intellectually impaired to learn how to communicate with clients.

6. Encourage textile recycling and clothing donations

The H&M worldwide clothing collection effort encourages textile recycling and waste reduction (tonnes of clothing end up in landfills every year!). Your old garments will be given new life by being resold as secondhand products or repurposed into textile fibres or insulation materials if they are no longer wearable.

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