If you find writing difficult and struggle with creating college papers, you are not alone. Lots of college and university students feel the same and prefer to find a cheap essay writing service online and delegate their tasks to professional writers. In this way, they are trying to solve their academic problems and improve their GPA. But writing skills are crucial for your successful professional career so you should devote a lot of time and effort to developing written communication.

How can you determine that a writer needs help? There are some common errors that demonstrate that a person needs specific writing training. Here are some signs that you are not a good writer and should write more on a regular basis to push your skills to the next level.

Wrong Words

Weak writers often find it challenging to use the right words in their sentences, for example, adjectives, or use the words that sound right but actually have a different meaning. If you do that, it’s not clear what you are trying to say. For example, you can say “diligent” instead of “delicate.”

Unvaried Syntax

You can hardly find someone who would like to read an essay with sentences that have the same sentence structure because it will be really boring. If you write like that, it means that your skills need hard work to improve them and make the sentences more varied in structure. So when you write something, make sure you switch up the manner you write all your sentences.

A Lot of Adverbs

Using a lot of adverbs is not good because adverbs don’t show the action but just explain it. You should be very careful with adverbs and use them sparingly. Replace your adverbs with words that have a more authoritative meaning.

Limited Vocabulary

Writers with a good command of language and strong writing skills know how to change overused words for different ones with similar meaning and make the writings sound more enjoyable and interesting. Poor writers typically use the same group of words and phrases instead of using a robust vocabulary. When you’re writing something, always have a good vocabulary and use it for choosing words with the most precise meaning. You can use a thesaurus as well.


If you write in long sentences that actually turn into run-ons, everyone will notice that your writing skills are not strong enough to be on a professional level. What’s the way out? Avoid writing lengthy sentences. Instead of figuring out where you should put semicolons and commas in those long sentences, write concise and clear statements that everyone will understand.

Overly Technical Language

Many people make this typical mistake when they try to make their essays look more complicated by using formal language and plenty of technical terms. They think that in this way, their writing can sound more intelligent and make a great impression on their audience. But the truth is that all writings need to be clear and simple. You should learn to communicate complex ideas in simple words and avoid complicated language.

You Take Your First Draft Too Seriously

You spend a lot of time when writing your first draft and practically don’t do any editing. It’s much better to quickly create an outline or a flash draft of your key ideas and then devote enough time to improve it and make it sound good. Remember that no one can succeed in writing the perfect first draft. Be ready that you will need to edit it more than once to ensure that it is well-written.

If you make such mistakes, you should work hard to become a better writer. You need to practice every day and write a lot. And keep in mind that you should practice deliberately. It can be free writing for 15 minutes every day, or you can keep a journal and express your thoughts and ideas. It’s important to revise and edit everything you have written to improve content, logic, grammar, and style. You can also show your writings to your friends or family and get their feedback on what you wrote. In fact, the easiest way to improve your writing is to accept comments and help from other people.

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