A tool is as useful as its user, and the same applies concerning the quality of education your child obtains from a learning institution. Thus never compromise your child’s future and go to a Singapore International school. Here you get rest assured knowing your child’s future is in the right professional hands. But which Singapore International schools are specifically best for your child? In this article, I shall take you through 7 things to look for when selecting a school for your child.

1. Proximity From Your Place Of Residence

It would not be ideal to have your child travel at least 15 km from home to school daily. This would prove to be draining to him/her and often results in sleeping in-between lessons or reduced concentration. Thus it would be ideal to select a school which is close-by where you stay.

2. Competence Of The School

selecting a school for your child - consider Competence Of The School

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You will have to do a bit of research regarding the quality and standards of education the school is reckoned for. Information can be obtained from the reviews of the school and its teachers. Moreover, key points on their learning methodologies, education background of the teachers, quality of learning, and degree of professionalism exhibited. Obtain testimonials from those with kids that have enrolled in those particular schools. Or better yet, hear it from the horse’s mouths by talking with the teachers.

3. Do They Offer Extracurricular Activities?

This is one key question you should seek answers on. It is no secret that children have different gifts; while others are more inclined on the academic side, others are inclined to do extracurriculars like sports. Thus it is crucial that if the child is strong in an extracurricular, it must be nurtured and developed. Additionally, extracurricular, like sports, are great for your child’s developing body and a healthy mind.

4. Budget

In selecting a school for your child, take time to look into your budget. The idea is the school has to offer quality education and be affordable at the same time. You would not want to regret choosing a certain school once school fees and other payments become a heavy burden later. Your usual child’s lifestyle should not be negatively affected by the budget.

5. Transparency

It is also crucial to do some investigation on the level of transparency of those particular schools. Check if their policies and procedures are all transparent. When considering a transparency school, it should be like a steady rain rather than a flood.

6. Education Board

selecting a school for your child - consider Education Board

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Check on the education boards with which your schools are affiliated to. Depending on your preference, these may be CBSE, ICSE, IB, or Cambridge. Some boards have more comprehensive coverage and are more recognized internationally than the others. Cambridge has quite a large presence, for instance. Also, look at the fashion in which the boards uphold their standards. Higher standards imply quality education for your child.

7. Check Out The Student-Teacher Ratio

This is one of the most important aspects to look at when selecting a school for your child. A smaller ratio signifies that your child would get individual attention, making the teacher learn at his/her own pace. This might not be possible for large student-teacher ratios. The teachers would likely not focus on individual child needs thus, a learning gap between pupils would be apparent.

Overall, just look at the 7 discussed aspects for your preliminary decision making. Do give adequate time to the research process and never rush to decide with premature information or where you are uninformed.

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