Social Media sites are dominating the world for its amazing features proving for the people that who all are looking forward to knowing the current updates about the people who are all in their followers or friends lists. In general, millions of people are using Facebook for conversation, connecting with friends, uploading the status like photos or videos as per the convenience. This is how that the Facebook is mainly used among the people. At the same time, it is also used for various purposes like marketing the businesses as well.

Recently, thus the Facebook has launched the feature where the users can share the videos live. This feature will be helpful for the people that who don’t make a reach to the particular place but want to experience it. This could be the main feature where millions of people who all are using Facebook start to use it for various purposes. Generally, when it comes to handling the Facebook live, it is very simple for the people to focus on it and proceed further. However, most of them are showing their interest in terms of watching the videos and want to save the particular live video to their devices. You can check more Best product reviews here also.

Can we save Facebook live videos?

Now, the question raised by the Facebook users is whether the facebook live videos can be saved it or not. Actually, the thing is Facebook doesn’t have the option to save the Facebook live video. In this case, most of the people are struggling to find the right way in order to save the facebook live videos. Let’s have a look that why facebook live videos are required to save and how it can be saved. Hope the mentioned stuff below will be helpful for all the seekers that who all are seeking for a long time.

Reasons to download Facebook live videos?

Generally, there are some of the main reasons available where most of them used to follow for saving the Facebook live videos. Here we are going to show some of the main reasons which force the people to download the Facebook live videos.

  • The video can be uploaded it on own website
  • If interested, you can also store in on your PC
  • You can also upload it to the YouTube platform
  • If the video is interesting, then people would like to share it with friends

These are some of the interesting reasons where everyone wants to download Facebook live videos. However, it is also considered to be the interesting way where everyone wants to download the Facebook lives. Also, one can expect more reasons that lead to saving the facebook live videos as per convenience. Now, this amazing feature of Facebook live helps all the people for most of the time in terms of capturing the live stuff where the people who all are in your friend’s list. So, people who all are seeking for a long time to know the steps of downloading the Facebook live videos, here we are sharing the essential steps. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers.

Essential steps to save Your Facebook live Video

If you are looking forward to downloading the facebook live from your profile, then you can follow the below section. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers that who all are seeking for a long time. By following the below steps, you can save your facebook live at any time without any hassles. Make sure to follow all the steps given below.
First of all, you need to search for the video in your profile, page or feed and once it is found the respective video, then you can proceed further.

Now, you should want to click on the time stamp which will help to make the video pop up where you can also view the comments which are available on the right side of your screen.
Make sure to click on the three dots which is available at the upper right side corner. You can now see the option to download Video. You can now click on this option, and then your video will start to download and save it to your device or PC in the format of MP4 without any hassles.

Download other Facebook live Videos

Thus the above-mentioned steps will be helpful for you to download your Facebook live videos. If you are the one who is looking forward to downloading the Facebook live from other profile or pages, then you can follow the mentioned steps below. Generally, most of them are aware of that switching to the mobile version of Facebook. But the fact is it will not work in most of the browsers. To sort out this issue, you can proceed further to download the some other’s Facebook live with the help of a tool.

Save Facebook live using

Now, all you need to copy the URL link from the browser’s address bar and then proceed further to visit the and then paste the URL.

By following the above steps, you will get the option to download the Facebook live video in MP4 in High definition quality.

Finally, thus the Facebook live video has been downloaded successfully on your device or PC. At the same time, it is easy for the user to save the video at any time without experiencing any difficulties.

Final words

In general, we all know that Facebook has the feature to share live videos. When it comes to saving the Facebook live videos, most of them aren’t aware of the tips to visit and download. The reason it doesn’t contain any download option to download it directly. For those people who all are struggling to find a perfect way of saving the live facebook videos, they can follow the above mentioned two sections. Hope the mentioned two sections will be helpful for all the users that who all are going to save the live videos from own profile or some other’s profile without hassles.

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