Safety while cycling is always important, but it is even more important during the dark months of winter when there is plenty of dreaded black ice on the roads and one slip in the wrong place could prove devastating. So, here we have put together a few handy winter cycling tips, so you can enjoy your two-wheeled time on the road this winter without worry.

Don’t Be Invisible

A decent waterproof jacket that’s still breathable and comfortable should be top of your shopping list, but you should also consider high visibility clothing for those evening rides. Remember, it gets dark around 5 pm throughout the winter, so you need to prepare yourself for that. This means also being sure that your lights work and that you have additional blinkers installed if necessary.

Remember The Basics

As with any other time of year, it is vital to always wear a helmet and remember your bike lock for when you have to leave your bike alone in the wild.

Adapt To The Conditions

If it is shelling down with rain then you will have to adapt your pace accordingly. Similarly, if there is a lot of snow on the road you cannot expect the same amount of grip you would normally get, and you should change up how you ride as a result. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for your ride to work and set off earlier than usually if necessary.

Winter Proof The Bike Itself

When choosing tires for your bike, you should consider the dark winter months in your purchase decision. Go for models with improved group and puncture resistance and ensure you always have a good pump to hand just in case. Mudguards are also a great idea if your bike can handle them.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your bike regularly will prolong its life and make the ride feel much smoother. During winter rides, you will also tend to pick up pieces of grit and dirt that need to be cleaned off after every few rides. There’s always more debris to worry about during the winter and this can really do a number on your tires and your frame.

Plan Your Route Accordingly

The route you usually take in decent weather might be a complete deathtrap when it is frozen over. Stick to the routes you know are winter-safe.

Always Have Something In The Tank

You would not set out on a winter drive with barely any petrol, would you? For the same reasons, you should never set out on a winter bike ride on an empty stomach. You will need that extra energy. Trust us.

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