Spinning has recently become something of a fad amongst those looking to get fit. Plenty of celebrities endorse it and most gyms now offer spin classes to their members. Typically one of the most crammed classes you’ll come across, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is? After all, it’s just riding a bike, right? 

Wrong! Spinning is so much more than riding a bike – it offers a multitude of benefits to those who dare try it. If you’ve been on the fence about spinning, here are eight reasons you should absolutely bite the bullet and attend a class. 

  1. It Burns More Calories Than Running

Spinning is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which means it boasts exceptional benefits but in a shorter time. Running is a great exercise and if you do six miles in one hour, you could burn up to 500 calories, but one hour of spinning could burn as many as 1,000 calories. That’s double the calories burnt with (arguably) less effort! 

  1. It’s Low Impact

Yes, spinning is high intensity, but it’s a low impact form of exercise. Taking running again as an example, jogging puts a strain on your joints and can cause an abundance of issues like shin splints and weak knees, but spinning near on eliminates the risk of such injuries. If you suffer from bad joints and find weight lifting or other fords of cardio hard on your joints, try spinning instead. 

  1. It Works Your Whole Body

You would be forgiven for thinking spinning only works your legs. Whilst it’s predominantly focused on your legs, it works in other parts of your body too. Spinning involves resistance training and you will occasionally be asked to stand and cycle. This requires you to steady yourself with your shoulders and core, therefore working those muscles in addition to your calves, quads, and glutes. 

  1. You Can Do It at Home

One of the biggest benefits of attending a spin class is that you can socialize and make friends during the class, but this isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to work out alone or struggle to find the time to attend a gym, there are plenty of spin bikes for sale which you can put in your home. They take up less space than a treadmill, making them particularly useful for those with limited space. 

  1. It’s a Short Workout

reasons to try spinning

HIIT workouts of all descriptions are typically much shorter in time than traditional workouts, and this is why so many people who are in full-time employment or who have families tend to prefer them. Most spin classes last 45-60 minutes, but you can do shorter classes for 20 minutes on your lunch break if that’s what you’d prefer. Spinning offers maximum flexibility which only adds to its appeal! What’s more, you only need to do a class three times a week to reap the rewards.

  1. It Increases Your Cardio Fitness

Cardio is an essential form of exercise because it keeps your heart healthy, but doing cardio exercise is one of the most taxing forms of working out and is something a lot of people – especially those who are new to working out – struggle with. The good news is, spinning is an intense form of cardio, but it doesn’t feel like it. You can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, all whilst sitting down. 

  1. It’s Great for Your Mental Health

All forms of exercise are good for your mental health, and spinning is no exception. It might be a relatively newer form of exercise, but it’s certainly on par with more traditional workouts for boosting your mood, relieving stress, and benefiting your overall mental health. If you’re feeling a bit down and out, a half-hour on a spin bike could leave you feeling more energized, calm, and happy, and if that’s not a reason to try it, we don’t know what is! 

  1. It Carries Little Risk of Injury

As mentioned before, spinning is low impact which means you’re not going to run into any joint issues, but it also reduces your risk of other injuries, too. As the bike is stationary, you needn’t worry about obstacles in the road, the weather, or other cyclists throwing you off, making it one of the safest forms of exercise since it’s conducted indoors with no heavy weights or outside factors influencing it. 

Will you be trying spinning after reading this? 

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