How to Use in Android – Rabbit for Android in is a remote desktop which can be used in the Android mobile device. It has a browser which will let you have full control over the device. It is used to do everything from surfing to downloading songs. has 100mbps speed which makes sure that there is no buffering when videos or songs are played. It has a good quality in the video it displays. has a red background with a white rabbit jumping in between as its logo. Maybe as for the name, they designed the logo with the rabbit to match Rabb.It.

Options in Rabb.It Remote Desktop:

Options in on Android

Options in on Android

When people don’t get a good connection in some other server they use as their browser to use the high-speed net without buffering. It makes the user feel easy to use and understand. You can have a social connection with people all over the world. It also has chatting facilities with different emoji. And information can be shared throughout the world. You can enjoy watching movies, Tv shows and web series with flawless speed and it has no registration and it is a secured browser with the license. It has a feature so-called Rabbit cast in which you can play videos and browse much faster. And even gaming facilities are available. It is totally a small entertainment world in a single app. It takes too much of time to download a large file but downloads it faster at the good speed. This can't is downloaded in PCs physical drive. It can only be uploaded to drive or cloud and later can be downloaded in the mobile Android device. Needs:

Below are the following things which are needed to enjoy the high speed and flexible in your android phone.

You need to have an android mobile with an Internet connection. *Download browser Mozilla Firefox in the device and install it.

Now enable your mobile data and network must have the speed of 500 kbps to watch in Rabbit cast without buffering.

Steps to use on the phone:

  1. Run Mozilla browser.
  2. Enter in the URL.
  3. Rotate your screen and check the desktop site's request.
  4. Create your account by filling up the details.
  5. Select your choice from the pop-up.
  6. Enjoy the library.

Once when you go to the site when the site will be loading you will see the rabbit running in the screen until it loads. In case if you are bored of filling in your details in the signup form then you have another option of signing throw Facebook or Gmail. You can also update your profile with a picture either you can choose from a phone or it allows to take a selfie. The picture must be not more than 5 MB and must be of 400x400 pixels.

Like every account, even rabbit account sends you mail to verify and then you will become a user. There is a feature in which all people in a hub or say room who are connected will be able to speak to the video maker and they may give their compliments or say comments. During that time the mics and camera's of every user in the room will be enabled.

Sometimes due to some issue, the screen may go black or white and few times no mic will work in such case you need to give a report to stop the app and then log in again to get through it flawlessly. And anyone can create rooms of their own by just going to You will have to do it 2-3 times to get different rooms. It is important To check whether you update it from time to time to have the finest speed of the net connection. You need to update Firefox and Chrome first and then it gets updated automatically.

In case if you don’t want your camera or mic to be working you just want to watch then do go to your room setting in the bottom of the home screen. And then you select disable A/V for all, this will disable your mic and camera. There can be up to 200 people in one room but when there is the work of mic and camera then only 25 people can be in a room at a time. The rooms which will have more than 25 people are said as party rooms. And the ones which have less than a 10 are said to be a sour room. And once the room has more than 25 users the audio and video ability will be disabled to everyone without any partiality.
You will feel convenient to use it as it has too many cool features. In, you can watch anything with anyone at any time. Earlier they had a common layout and which was not such attractive. Now their new layout has created love for their page from the audience. They do have all type of animation series, fantasy movies, music which includes karaoke and a little bit of lot more things to explore in entertainment.

When you decide your room and then choose how you want to use . When you have host open room then the room will be displayed publicly and whoever wishes can join. And once you lock your room it becomes a private room and it won't be displayed in public only those who invite or accept can enter into the room. There is also one more way of adding people in the room that is you can set your settings as allow your friends to join the room when if it is locked. Your friends just mean the people in your friend list and the room will not appear for anyone in public. And if you want the room to appear in public then you can't lock your room and if locked it won't appear in public.
Rabbit has too good features in it, use it for free and enjoy the offers. Easy remote desktop without much procedures or payment.

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