With the current employment of more than 250,000 immigrants at Singapore, it has been estimated that approximately one out of every five families in Singapore are now appointing maids to assist them in their day-to-day household activities. This is why the requirement of maids in order to meet the demands of household customer has now become a major concern for every Domestic helper agency in Singapore. However, along with the great support provided by maids at house maintenance, security, and cleaning, comes the heavy monetary charges nowadays required for hiring them, and many families are struggling to afford them.

Advantages of hiring a maid in Singapore:

  •         A housemaid shall provide the utmost commitment at taking care of the house of her employer. Domestic helper agency especially trains Singaporean housewives for state-of-the-art cleanliness, overall maintenance as well as culinary expertise. Moreover, once a maid is hired by a client, she shall always be present for whatsoever housing service she is required for.
  •         Another privilege of having a housemaid in Singapore is she’ll assure the safety of the house even when the employer is away on work, providing a sense of peace and security to the client. Singaporean housemaids have quite a reputation for preventing theft and ensuring the security of the area they reside at.
  •         Most importantly, Singaporean housemaids treat the house they work at, as their own. Which is why they are particularly cautious about the hygiene of the house- be it washroom bacteria or be it the food quality, she will always be scrutinizing for any speck of dirt or impurity, making the house as sanitized and disinfected as possible.

Disadvantages of hiring a maid in Singapore:

  •         Although maids in Singapore provide high-end services to their clients, however, their employment contract comes with a fixed duration and inclusive payment, irrespective of their clients’ needs. For example, a customer shall be staying in Singapore for six months, but of the hires a maid who has a fixed one-year contract, he will then have to pay her the charges of entire one year, despite staying for only six months. This unavailability of part-time maids is an economic problem and the common root for affordability problem faced by their clients.
  •         With the rise in demand of maids, there have emerged many fraudulent maid service providers and Domestic helper agency which are nowadays providing maids with no proper training and license on cleaning or cooking or house maintenance, thus providing services way below the customers’ expectations and not worth the high price they charge.

Therefore, keeping all the above-stated facts in mind, it would be better to verify the credibility of the maid agencies and checking the license and authenticity of a maid before employing her. Also, if possible, it would be better to negotiate with the maid, in case her service contract is more than the staying period. Apart from these cautionary facts, rest assured, hiring a maid in Singapore will lead to the betterment of the residual life of any client or even local resident as well.

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