Towards the end of summer and the start of autumn, it is a good idea to start thinking about what steps you need to take to get your car ready for the winter. Dark nights, freezing conditions and slippery surfaces can arrive very quickly in the UK so it is important that you are well-prepared so that you can drive safely and with confidence during the winter months.

Consider a New Car

It is always a good opportunity to take a look at your current car and determine whether or not it is time for an upgrade. You can find high-quality and affordable used cars from places like Fords of Winsford which could make it much safer to drive during the winter months, particularly if your current car is old and does not have many safety features.

Check the Battery

The winter months can certainly take their toll on your battery so it needs to be in good health from the very start. The drop in temperature and increased light usage can wear the battery down, so it might be a good idea for a replacement if your battery is old or you are already having troubles.

Check the Tyres

Wet and slippery surfaces are a motorist’s worst nightmare in winter so you will want to make sure that your tyres are in top condition. You should examine each one for signs of damage, check the tread depth with a 20p and always make sure that they are topped up to the right pressure before setting off.

Wash Windscreen & Replace Wipers

The windscreen is another aspect of the car which can take a beating over the winter. This means that you should clean it inside and out before winter, replace the windscreen wipers if they are damaged and top up your screen washer fluid with antifreeze.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

It is also a good idea to prepare an emergency kit for the winter months in case you are involved in an accident or break down. This should include a first aid kit, warm clothing, a mobile phone charger, food and drink, torch, shovel and a scraper and de-icer.

It is important to get your car ready with plenty of time before winter so that you have everything that you need and because the weather can change drastically. These are the main areas to focus on when preparing your car for winter and will hopefully help you to drive safely and with confidence, once the weather turns. 

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