With lockdown restrictions easing, people are looking for fun trips that they can do and obviously travelling abroad can be a risk and stressful, so trips within the UK are on the rise. There are actually all kinds of incredible things to do here which many people overlook, so read on if you are planning a post-lockdown trip but you are not sure where to explore.


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One of the best-known prehistoric monuments in the world but also one which still is shrouded in mystery is Stonehenge. This amazing World Heritage Site in the very beautiful county of Wiltshire in South West England so there is plenty to explore here. You can simply see the monument from the road, but for the best experience, you will want to see the exhibition at the visitor centre where you can learn all about the intriguing monument.


Scotland is somewhere that everyone should visit at some point and post-lockdown could be the perfect time to do this. There are many good options in Scotland, but Edinburgh should be top of the list as it has many incredible cultural attractions and is surrounded by natural beauty. A few key highlights include Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyrood and the Georgian House Museum.


Image Source: unsplash.com

If you are looking for a beach holiday then there are actually many lovely coastal places in the UK to consider, but Cornwall is perhaps the best especially if you are looking to surf or enjoy other water-based activities. In addition to the sandy beaches, Cornwall also has charming coastal towns, beautiful natural areas and the incredible Eden Project so there is plenty to keep you entertained here.


Bath is one of the prettiest, most historic and cultural cities in the UK so it is somewhere that has something for everyone and a unique atmosphere which can make it feel like somewhere abroad. Of course, one of the best highlights will be the incredible 2,000-year old Roman baths built around the city’s hot springs. Bath is also somewhere that is easily accessible by train and you can book your tickets online at places like Grand Central Rail.

These are just a few of the places that are worth visiting in the UK now that lockdown restrictions are easing but travelling abroad carries risks. There are many highlights throughout the UK and these can be wonderful to explore after what has been a difficult few months for all. 

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