An event may be of a few hours or days, but it takes countless sleepless nights to execute it. It’s a stressful and time-consuming process. But before you start administering the entire plan, you need to make notes of the tips given below. They will ensure that the event goes on-point and people remember it for the rest of their lives! Be it a business conference, a food festival, or a charity gala, these tips are universally applicable.

The Right Vision

‘Budget’ is the most important thing that decides the magnitude of the event. Start with making a budget and follow it strictly. Use a money management app to keep the spendings under control and define the budget line by sharing it with the team members.

Now imagine and create an outline of what your event must look like. The other step that follows is ‘preparation’, which is a lengthy and time procedure. The prep-period has to be appropriately scheduled. Don’t start too late or too soon!

Branding the Event

event tips

A fantastic idea won’t come true without the right amount of advertising and marketing. But what will one advertise for?

To start with, make your event a brand! Choose a theme, name, logo, color scheme to give your event an exclusive outlook. It will help attract more sponsors and audience.


A good event is supposed to have a lot of elements and they have to be in sync. If you have planned events before, bounce back in your planning history and ask yourself the following:

  • Which were good elements in the previous events?
  • Which were the things that went wrong?
  • How could you have made it better?
  • Which approach suits you the most?
  • How much time do you take to plan an event?

Once you have answers for these questions, you will be able to keep things on track.

If you are someone who has never planned an event and have no clue about event planning, you can take help from ventures like Expocart. Instead of buying or renting furniture, audio-visual equipment and banners from different shops, one can get everything here. It’s a one-stop solution for every event problem! They also provide professional advice, make the planning simple and hassle-free.

An Appropriate Venue

The venue is the place where all your efforts will be demonstrated. Every aspect of the event revolves around the venue, and therefore, the choice of the venue needs to be very calculative. Carefully judge the pros and cons of different venues and make a wise decision. Consider important analyzing aspects like space, lighting, location, and parking space.

Run on Time

Keep yourself on toes to make sure that everything happens correctly on time! The best way to work on time to create short-term goals with deadlines. Make a timeline of tasks, and as soon as you finish one task, you will feel a slight sense of accomplishment.

Don’t try to be a One-Man Army

It’s good to be a One-Man Army, but not in the case of event planning. No event can take place without the presence of team-effort. The tasks are diverse, and it’s hard to be a ‘perfectionist’ in everything. ‘Delegation’ is the keyword here.

Delegation is not getting rid of work but reflecting the true spirit of management and cooperation. It is mandatory to have a team of skilled members to pull off a successful event. It will prevent you from micromanaging things and help you focus on things more important.

Also, don’t forget to take suggestions from the rest of the team. There is a possibility that what may seem good to you, might not be liked by the others. Suggestions help to get a majoritarian perspective and take right decisions.

It’s impossible to think of an event without sponsors. As soon as the date of the event is fixed, start hunting for the sponsors. It is the most unpredictable and challenging task for all. Sometimes you find sponsors in a blink of an eye and sometimes it takes ages. It majorly depends on the scale of the programme. Finding sponsors is stressful, there will be awkward meetings and uncountable refusals, but the trick here is not losing ‘hope’.

Try to lock sponsors in early so that the fear of not finding the sponsors doesn’t haunt you till the end!

Strong and Effective Communication System

Communication is an intrinsic part of planning. Internal and External Communication, both are important.

Internal communication connects members responsible for knowing their roles. For keeping a record, it’s better to keep written agreements than verbal ones.

On the other hand, External communication is required for communicating with the larger masses. It’s often done in the audio-visual form. These days Social media platforms are the best means to gather an audience. Make sure the accounts are active enough to drum up the attention required and engage the potential guests.

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