Sometimes you make the perfect picture, with the right angle and all you have to do is cut out and wait hundreds of “likes”. But the other times when your photo turns out to be a fiasco of white balance, focus, trimming and exposure, you need a powerful tool to fix it. If you’re not a professional photographer, it may not be worth investing your money to buy Photoshop, but that does not mean you cannot edit your photos elegantly. The publishers of Photoshop online based on the web are a great alternative for this task.

alternatives of Photoshop

There are many Photoshop online editors but these are the 5 chosen by Zapier because they are:-

  • Comparable to Photoshop.
  • They have robust features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Social media-friendly.
  • Free.

Pixlr Editor – Web, Desktop, Chrome, iOS, Android.

If you are ready to do a deep immersion in photo editing, Pixlr Editor is a great option. It has many features and almost the same tools as Photoshop. You can work in layers, use color correction tools; superimpose text, shapes and other elements to achieve an original and striking style. The top menu bar has a series of drop-down menus with settings, filters, transformations, and distortions. While some elements such as History, Layers, and Browser can remain visible in the interface while you work on an image, similar to the coupled panels of Photoshop online.

Other items, such as Focus Mask, must be adjusted and accepted before moving on to the next operation. The effectiveness of some controls depends entirely on your image, but there are so many tools at a professional level that you could find a solution for most image problems. The fact that it is complex does not mean that Pixlr is difficult to use. It has friendly icons, colorful and practical sliders that allow you to easily adjust the parameters. In addition, Pixlr can open Photoshop PSD files and save them in their own format, as well as in PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF formats to be published on social networks or saved on your hard drive. Pixlr has a learning curve very similar to Photoshop. So you should familiarize yourself with similar photographic tools or consult some online tutorials.

Price: Free Premium subscriptions of Pixlr editor for $ 20.

Photopea – Web, Desktop, iOS, Android

Photopea imitates the appearance of Photoshop to an amazing degree with an almost identical toolbar and menus. Like Pixlr, it accepts native Photoshop PSD files, opening images with the exact layers contained in the original image.  Unlike Pixlr, you can also export to the PSD format, which is convenient if you routinely handle Photoshop files. Photopea is not designed as a social networking application, but as a genuine alternative to Photoshop, with adjustment layers, layer styles, masks, text and smart objects. That means it has fewer filters and Instagram-style effects than other photo editors. So you should save your selfies for a different application. Photopea can be opened on any device, but a large screen will give you a better experience. Photopea runs locally, there is no server or Internet load, so you can even disconnect from the Internet and continue using the application offline.

Price: For Photopea, the 30-day licenses cost $ 5 for a single user, $ 15 for a team of 5 people and $ 50 for a team of 20 people. The 90-day licenses cost $ 12 for a single user, $ 40 for a team of 5 people and $ 120 for a team of 20 people.

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