We are living in the digital era and there’s no doubt to the fact that the internet has given us a lot of things to be thankful for but the truth is that where the internet is a blessing for us, it comes with a few pitfalls too. Right now, cyberbullying, online threats, catfishing, and phishing are some of the most popular words on the internet and well, yes all these words are popular for a reason because these things are happening around us and a lot of people out there don’t even know about it.

However, today we are here to talk about phishing and how can you prevent email phishing attacks. For starters, we’d suggest you opt for phishing best practices download guide because such guides can help you learn how to protect yourself from the online hackers and attackers. But if you are looking for some more assistance and if you want to know the legit ways to avoid email phishing attacks then stick with us till the end of the article because we are now going to jot down a few of the safety measures.


1-Don’t click on the hyperlinks in your email

The problem starts with your email. What actually happens is that you receive an email with a link and some directions on why you should click on the link and how to do that. Now, once you click on that link, a new website pops open on your screen which looks authentic but is really fake.  Now, this is where you need to be clever, you aren’t supposed to click on that link especially if the sender of the email is unknown. These fake websites ask for your contact information, your passwords and in some cases these websites even demand you to enter your financial accounts. You, on the other hand, need to be very careful about the information you are inserting and try not to click on the links in the first place. If you want to visit a particular website, we’d suggest you type on Google for that website manually instead of putting yourself in risk with the hyperlink.

2-Be careful about the pop-up windows

Pop up windows are extremely irritating but you know what? These windows can sometimes exceed the irritation and they can cause you a lot of trouble too especially if you end up inserting your private information on them. The wiser thing to do is to restrict the pop-up windows because honestly, these windows are one of the most common methods, all the phishers out there use.  

3-Antivirus protection

Maintaining antivirus protection on your computer can prevent phishing attacks to a whole another level. Honestly, if you want an extremely solid defense against this phishing attacks that you should invest a little in a good antivirus protection software so that you at least can know whether your computer and your data is safe or not.

4-Opt for an anti-spam software

The anti-spam software out there can provide you with a little sense of security against the phishing attacks. What actually happens is that anti-spam software filters out most of the emails that are sent through phishers to attack your computer and take away all your personal data. You don’t want the phishing emails to end up in your inbox, right? Well, if yes and if that really is the case then the best option to go for will be to use an anti-spam software and keep all the phishers away.

These are some of the safety measures you can take to keep yourself and your information safe. At the end of the article, we’d suggest you supervise your children when they are using their phones and laptops because chances are that your kid might not be aware of what phishing is and how horrific it can become.

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