At Briopet Pets Supplies, we have come up with must-have pet supplies for your pet over the years due to our professionalism on pets. Every pet owner deserves these essentials at some point to aid in the growth of their pets. Also, it makes owning a pet easier with these essentials. 

Whether your pet is young, or somewhere around the middle, or even an adult, we recommend these pet essentials to you to add up a lifetime of safety, comfort, and joy to your pets. 

ID Tags

The first of our list are ID tags. ID tags are essential to those who own a dog as they can be found easily when it gets missing or when it runs away from home. When you personalize your dog’s name with your address on these ID tags, it is more likely that your dog will be returned home quicker.

These ID tags are worn on dogs always on a flat collar in case of emergencies such as fire outbreaks, earthquakes, and so on. 

Pet First Aid Kit

A Pets first aid kit features so many essentials that are designed to help you save your pet’s life when it gets injured just like how the humans first aid kit functions. Even more, it can be easily customized for a specific pet as a pet first aid kit comes with plenty of extra spaces. 

Spare Leash

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The Spare leash is an unpopular but vital essential for your pet. It comes in handy when you need it as it functions as a spare jack for us as humans. However, it comes in various forms, requiring that you go through the leash guide before you choose the right one for your pet. 


With a harness, your pet enjoys more comfort as well as security. Also, it is good for pet owners who tend to pull on the leash. The harness comes in different forms that are designed to suit your pet. 

Flea Treatment 

We are aware of the possibility of fleas sneaking into your home at any point which is why we’ve included the flea treatment into our list of essentials for your pet. It is designed to add more comfort to your pet as it is naturally formulated. 

We recommend that you purchase flea treatments that are veterinarian such as collars, chewable’s, medications, and so on. 

Paw Wipes/Coat Wipes

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If you are always busy with work and have no time to often bathe your pet, we recommend that you purchase the coat wipes. These coat wipes are designed to remove dirt, allergens, or any stinky smell that your pet might be experiencing. 

Stain and Odor Remover

The stain and odour remover is composed of enzyme-based cleaners that help to remove urine smells anywhere on your pet. Also, it aids to clean the stain that your per might have gotten as a result of play whether outdoor or indoor. 

Long Line

We don’t advise that you allow your pet to roam about in off-leash spaces that had no fence even if your pet is good at recalling. With the long line essential, it provides your dog with space it requires to explore and still keeps it secured. 

Car-to-Harness Seat Belt

We know it safer to move your dog in your car inside a crate, however, a seat belt is an alternative for pets such as dogs or puppies. It keeps them safe and at the same time stops them from distracting you while driving. We recommend that you use these dog seat belts at the back seat for complete security. 

Baby Gates and Exercise Pens

The baby gates and exercise pen is designed to keep your pet away from doors, yet enabling them with sufficient space to stretch their legs in the backyard. Also, It provides a pet-safe zone while they are home alone. Thus, provides safety.

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