Being an online trader isn’t easy. It’s not like anyone can just walk into the job and immediately master it; many successful online traders work for a long time before they’re able to seriously consider the job as a highly lucrative main career. If you’re going to become an online trader, you’ll need to come to terms with the fact that there is no quick path to success; some are faster than others, but for the most part you’ll need to put in the work.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can speed up your journey from neophyte to trading genius, however. With the right combination of personality traits, you’ll find yourself climbing up the ladder significantly more quickly than you would otherwise. Some of these traits are innate, while others can easily be learned. Adaptability is key, so make sure you’re working on yourself while you trade. Here are 8 personality traits all successful online traders have.


All online traders must, by necessity, be versatile. If you don’t diversify your investment portfolio, you’re risking moving too much with the tides of the market. You want your options to be as steady and risk-free as possible so that you can maximise profit and minimise risk. It’s also important to be versatile so you can do your research; nobody ever got rich from trading without branching out and learning more about their craft. With sites like, you can learn how to become rich from trading, but you won’t be able to do so if you’re not versatile and open to learning. 


There’s no online trader that works according to whims. If you want to be an online trader, you’ll have to be disciplined enough to set yourself a work schedule and stick to it. It also takes a tremendous amount of discipline to maintain a portfolio and not deviate, no matter how enticing a certain stock option might look. Watching the markets carefully and making informed decisions on where to invest and where to hold off takes self-control, so this is a very important skill to have as a trader.


You’re going to make bad trades and you’re going to make mistakes. These are sad but unavoidable facts of the job, and they’re not something you can learn to overcome without a degree of resilience. It’s still entirely possible to make money from trades even if you do lose on a couple, but it won’t be possible if you give up and refuse to continue due to a setback. Stay rational, keep your outlook positive, and don’t let bad trades dissuade you.


It might look like a trade is optimal, but if you just hold on for a few more minutes you’ll notice that it’s a momentary blip. It pays for traders to keep an eye on global geopolitics because doing so will enable you to know whether a stock option is likely to dip or rise in value based on current events. Having patience means you’ll make less bad trades and less rash decisions, enabling you to build a portfolio comprised only of sound, logical investments. 


There are lots of trading apps that will allow you to copy the portfolios of successful traders. This is a good thing in theory, but it shouldn’t stop you from developing an independent spirit. You’ll still need an eye for trades that you’ve developed by yourself, and you’ll need to navigate the often-overwhelming world of stock markets by yourself. You can, of course, still ask for help when you need it, but for a lot of the job, you’ll be on your own. 


This one goes hand-in-hand with independence. If someone says to you that a stock option is not a good investment, or that a certain cryptocurrency isn’t going to be worth much in the future, you need to understand when to listen. Your individuality could lead you to certain investments that others would never think to make; your own unique experiences and personality traits can also be part of your portfolio, and they should be.


There’s nothing worse than an online trader who has become arrogant due to a string of good trades. The truth is that even the biggest goliaths of trading can be taken down by a bad investment. It always pays in trading to be humble. Of course, you shouldn’t confuse this for a lack of ambition; you should always strive to be the best trader you can and to out-trade your colleagues (fostering a sense of healthy competition along the way). Still, you should always remember that you’re only human.


In the end, the best traders are the ones who manage to maintain a good work-life balance. It’s no good trading stocks and getting rich if you’re not able to spend that money on things you love doing. A good trader can step away from the market, stop watching the numbers scrolling on the screen, and go and spend time with their friends, family, and loved ones. If that’s you, then you’ll have a much better time online trading.

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