The first parallax examples in web design appeared in 2011. At first, they aroused the delight and admiration of everyone: users, designers and business owners. Everyone wanted something similar for themselves. But as the novelty wore off, users began to notice the disadvantages of the parallax website as well. We recommend that you first evaluate your project to understand whether this trend is right for you or not. Let us also clarify that in 2021, trends are returning with minor modifications. This means you can afford a parallax website without looking old-fashioned. The main thing is to find a designer who can implement this technique and showcase all your ideas profitably.

Parallax website scrolling
Image Source: Unsplash

A Bit of Terminology

Parallax action on the website is a classy technique to surprise visitors and improve the behavioral factor. Such a page makes an impression attractive and your visitor will at least take the time to review it.

Parallax is the visual difference between the arrangement of items on a virtual page. Several objects need to be placed on different layers. Now let’s move on to the concept of scrolling. It can be horizontal or vertical. But in any case, with the help of scrolling, we move text or pictures across the screen in a two-dimensional plane. If we try to combine these two concepts, it becomes clear how such a technique works. A visitor pulls down or sideways sees facilities in front and behind shifting at various speeds. This is the desired result. This method provides the page dimension and style.

Three Excellent Examples of this Manner

The Novel of Jess and Russ

This platform is a regular blog where a couple tells the story of their relationship and uses parallax scrolling. The result is a romantic story with cool graphics.

Koox Restaurant

Here you will see a mix of business and art. This restaurant will tell you about its establishment, menu and chefs with the help of nice illustrations complemented by parallax effect. Just please don’t open this site if you are hungry.

Firewatch Game

You may have seen this site before as an example of parallax. But I must admit, it was made fantastic. The vivid illustration of the sunset and the many layers of parallax are captivating the first time.

Parallax gaming technique
Image Source: Unsplash

Disadvantages of Parallax Effect

The main disadvantage of parallax is website performance issues. Everything looks nice and stylish, but the use of javascript / jQuery, with the help of which the parallax effect is created, greatly makes the page heavier and greatly slows down its loading speed. This is because it is based on complex calculations: javascript has to control the position of each pixel on the screen. In some cases, the situation is further complicated by cross-browser and cross-platform problems. Many developers recommend applying the parallax effect on a maximum of two page elements.

Enabling the Technics on your Website

If you ordered the development of a website from scratch, then the specialists will create several layers for you manually. But on sites that were made using specialized designers, you can also run this pattern. For example, on the Wix platform, the process looks like this:

  • Click on the desired page in the editor.
  • Click Change Page Background.
  • Click Settings in the background image preview mode.
  • Select the Parallax effect in the Scroll Effects section.
Parallax website designing
Image Source: Unsplash

Background scrolling will not work on the mobile site. In other constructors, the principle of operation is identical. To enable the action in the mobile release of the site, you should to connect an additional plugin or write the code manually.

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