There are several reasons that there may be inadequate website traffic. Many people ask at SEO forums “Why isn’t my website traffic?” This may be one of the most often asked questions ever posed. Thankfully, there is an answer, not a clear question but it is also a reason why there is no appeal of traffic on certain websites. Factors such as the domain age, author’s popularity, number, and form of references (links input), a plan for social media, and freshness of content play a part. Give a try to

Or, the question is in many ways for the regular website. The following are 5 fields that are frequently ignored by website owners either because they don’t know how to treat them or because they don’t appreciate their significance. Do not forget before you get into the depth that it can take you a few months (or more) to make a difference before you have either good or disappointing outcomes and you have to be careful before you consider whether or not it succeeded.

Your Contents are Insufficient:

website traffic

Believe it or not, and Google in particular has been very productive to accept strong content. And the odds of high rankings in SERP and traffic are reduced if the writing isn’t good enough and the website doesn’t have top quality. In the old days, by submitting any links to your content and having high rankings you could ‘easily’ fool search engines, but that’s not so. Apart from search engines, don’t ignore the indirect effect on rankings and traffic by social media.

You are Looking for the Keywords of Competition:

This is one of the most common mistakes and one of the key reasons that a website doesn’t get much traffic from search engines at least.

Taking these things into account:

Only ten seats are available for each keyword on the first page of the SERPs. Search engines attempt to view pages of trustworthy sites that fulfill their requirements of classification in these locations.

You will not view the pages on the first columns, whether you have a new website or even an established website that are less confident than other columns (because you both have the same keywords).


The rivalry is strong among all popular keywords, which means that it is very difficult to obtain a successful ranking when you only try popular keywords.

You Have a Sluggish Website:

We are sure that website speed is a factor, and multiple studies have found that websites that load quickly are more likely to be accessed regularly by users. On the opposite, if a website is not loaded in around 4-5 seconds, users are more likely. Your website can therefore rank and traffic from search engines or social media references but they leave without entering once the users land on a page that is slow to load.

Panda or Penguin Have Hit you:

If you hear these words for the first time, I recommend that you read those two guides from Wikipedia: Panda and Penguin. You will know that you don’t know the webmaster or blogger and that you don’t know how these algorithms influence the ranking and the traffic of a website. From a traffic point of view, you can see the traffic decrease significantly from one day to the next whether you have been influenced by Panda or Penguin or some other algorithm updates. you will open the Google Analytics chart to check out the traffic shifted to link the dates of the Google rating algorithm to this list.

The Incorrect SEO Agency Has Been Hired:

website traffic

This happens very frequently, unfortunately. The website is full of enticing first-page rankings from ‘SEO agencies,’ but in practice, their strategies and approaches ruin any chance the website has for organic transport.

How to pick a trustworthy SEO company?

I have summed up some general guidelines on how to outsource an asset to SEO, but don’t think anything that you read on the Web before double-checking its claims as a general rule.


Every website is designed to provide information about search engines, social media sites, direct visits, etc. If it doesn’t happen, you feel you ‘re wasting time and losing faith in the internet in its entirety. Millions of internet users are around and thousands of people are searching for or sitting on social media sites as you read this post. The fact that none (or just a few) of them visit your site means you ‘re doing anything wrong. This could, in my view, be because of one of the above 5 reasons.

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