If you have heard of compatible HP ink but avoided buying it then now may be the time to change your opinion. In recent times, more and more people have been opting to buy and use replacement ink and you may be wondering why! We are here to explain its rise in popularity so that you can decide whether replacement ink may be a good choice for your printer. 

The First Attempts at Replacement Ink

Let us go back to the reasons why people do not like replacement ink. When it was first introduced, many services claimed to offer high-quality ink at low prices but then failed to deliver and left consumers with ink that was too runny, did not adhere, or caused their printer to malfunction. This reputation has never left the industry and people often are led to believe that if they buy replacement ink then they will be placing their printer at risk. 

hp cartridge in hp printerIt is Not as Messy as it Once Was

The good news is that messy, replacement ink is a thing of the past! In fact, replacement HP printer ink cartridge units look exactly the same as the genuine versions. Yes, you can still buy ink that you inject into your empty cartridge that does run the risk of making a mess but the majority of replacement inks now come in cartridges that are easy to install and are fully compatible with your printer machine. 

Specialist Services Offer Excellent Ink

There are some exceptional ink replacement companies that can be defined as specialists. These companies work hard to improve the ink quality that you get from genuine cartridges without expecting you to pay exorbitant amounts. Smart Ink is one of the specialist companies that offer this service and take pride in giving their customers outstanding service, lengthy returns policies and offer year-round online chat so that consumers are never left without support when they need it. 

You Can Save Significant Amounts

moneyPossibly the most significant reason for replacement ink being more popular these days is the low price they offer. Take the HP 564 XL ink as an example, when you buy this direct from HP you will pay nearly twice as much as you would if you went to a specialist ink company. The reason for this is not because the HP version is better but actually because HP has larger overheads to cover which they do by hiking up the price of their ink. Do not be fooled by ad campaigns that tell you HP ink is better when clearly you could be saving lots of cash. 

As replacement ink continues to grow in popularity, more and more consumers are braving it and trying out a replacement ink cartridge. We would urge you to do the same and see how much cash you can save when you find a replacement ink service that rivals the big-named brands. Trust us, you will be glad you took a leap of faith!

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