Mirror TV is bliss for interior designers who faced difficulty in blending entertainment with style. Everyone wants perfection when it comes to having a modern home, and no clients want to compromise. The mirror TV solved this problem by launching a whole new subsection of Av products. They are just like your standard televisions, where you can enjoy your favorite shows, sports, and groove to the music. But once it’s turned off, the TV looks like a framed mirror enhancing your room’s walls. These smart glasses are advanced stuff that can be immediately changed from transparent to opaque. The lower end of these glass decreases the brightness when turned on to provide a weaker reflection of the TV.  GECEY TV mirror tops the list when it comes to a trusted brand for Mirror Tv with enhanced and quality features. So, if you are the one thinking to go for this, you must consider it for an excellent performance.

What are the Most Common Applications?

mirror tv

You can place these mirror TVs in your bedroom living room and even in bathrooms. They are generally opted by owners to give a style statement after the TV is off. Placing your mirror TV in the bathroom proves to be the stylistic and practical choice as it removes the addition of an extra mirror and provides entertainment in your leisure time.

What are the Size Options?

These TVs come in sizes ranging between 15-86 inches, depending on the size you prefer. The smaller incorporated with more giant mirrors fit perfectly for the bathroom and kitchen. The ones with a more extensive size TV set can be placed in a bedroom or dining hall, just like the standard TV sets.


Do they come with Frames?

The best thing about mirror TV is one gets lots of options to customize it on their own choice. You can choose within various colors, frames, and types of finishing, including wood or metal. Customization occurs when customers are not fully satisfied with the designs provided by manufacturers to solve style issues.

What should Mounts be used?

Mounts play a very active role in covering the areas of TV behind the mirror. The wall must be flat to get a wholly hidden TV effect. The flush-mounted TV against the wall helps in creating the illusion that there is just a mirror, and you even don’t need to invest in the frames. Mounting support is stronger to support the weight of glass and ensures that TV is getting enough ventilation to avoid overheating.

mirror tv

Do they have Built-In Speakers?

The audio quality provided in mirror TV is the same as you find in traditional flat-screen television. But it would be best to use a soundbar as it gets the television linked for a multi-room audio system and provides you with the best quality.

How good is the image quality?

Mirror TVs have the same latest technology, which is provided in other latest television sets, i.e., 4K Ultra HD. The mirror TV is likely to enclose in a mirror which demand sit to be prone to glare. So to avoid the glare, its best to dim the surrounding lights and use the blackout shades for receiving the best image quality.

Is Mirror TV Waterproof?

The dominant mirror TVs offered by manufacturers are designed for placing in the washroom, so it comes with the ability to handle the humid environment. The remote also comes waterproof along with the TV for you to change channels or adjust the volume without worrying about water droplets and damage to the product. The TV also has enhanced technologies of a voice prompt, which allows you to talk with your TV for specific uses while making it safe for a humid outdoor environment.


This TV can do wonders for you in just one click. Earlier, they were only limited to big hotels and spas to make you feel luxury, but the demand for this has been increasing in public. There are various types of mirrors to choose from, so do it wisely. The TV also provides touch facility options so ensure to compare all the models too, but the best of a trusted brand. You must choose the size of the TV proportional to the room size and the color, which matches well with the décor of your room.

Mirror TV doesn’t come cheap and needs the right amount to be spent on a quality installation. You get benefits of displaying your contents from a smartphone or PC with just one click through screen mirroring. It also overlaps the complaint of irritating eyes. The iris mirrors used in it provide stunning quality with bright experience. 

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