2019 is becoming a splendid year as the world saw the rise of a lot of new marketing trends and techniques. 

The past year was a whirlwind; however, this year is turning out to be more favourable for the digital marketing industry.

There is a lot of noise around emerging technologies in the market, such as the 360-video view, virtual reality, etc. This factor has made the market more exciting and is making sure that all the clients deliver the best service to their targeted customers.

Marketing has changed in recent years and has rapidly progressed without showing any signs to slow down. 

There was a time when marketers used to think negatively about Artificial Intelligence and visual searches.  However, at present, they are the ones who are positive about deploying AI or digital marketing in their organizations.

The importance of AI in the market has significantly changed the world of marketing in its terms. Robotics, enhanced technological systems, and digital marketing via visual searches are becoming popular and are included in the strategies of every company.

Many new trends and strategies in digital marketing space are evolving. This Internet era has made it easier for the businesses who are making good use of it to please the customers and make their demands fulfilled quickly successfully.

Here are some of the best marketing trends that you must look forward to the current financial year and also in the upcoming years to establish as a brand in the market.

  1. Brands Use Videos To Communicate

Gone are those days when people used to write banners and hoardings to promote their company’s logo and making people aware of their presence.

The current era is all about videos and visualizations. The more engaging the videos are, the more business you gain. This has become the primary objectives for all companies.

Videos are not only helping the companies to mark their presence in the market but also helps to convey their message to the consumers as they want to.

  1. B2b Brands Are Embracing Videos

B2Bs or Business to Businesses is also using video as a mode of communication to sell products and services amongst themselves.

Until now, the videos are playing a significant role in the marketing industry. Animated explainer videos are the best way to define the product and services of a business.

According to the survey conducted by LinkedIn, the video contents generating profits for businesses about 20 times more than what they were expecting.

  1. Instagram Videos Are Taking Off- In Stories, Feeds, Posts Are Making More Substantial Impacts

2018 was a successful year for Instagram. With more businesses using the platform to promote their businesses, and companies investing in creating Instagram pages to mark their presence in the market, Instagram was all over the place.

In a survey that was conducted in the previous year, about 48 percent of the consumers who bought goods and products got to know the existence of the companies from Instagram itself.

The brand’s video that the companies are creating and posting on Instagram is helping them in establishing themselves as a successful brand.

As 2019 is going to end in a couple of months, it is expected that there will be a growth of 20 percent or more in the Instagram earnings

  1. Social Media Video Impacts More For All The Business, Irrespective Of Their Sizes

This is one of the most talked things in the market across the globe, with people investing a lot of money in making viral social media videos.

Not long ago, big and small brands with their respective budgets were trying to establish their presence in the market by creating banner ads that were not providing any benefits to them.

However, as time has passed by, there are a lot of speculations and statistics that proved that videos are much more impactful than banners.

In the present day, the promotional videos that are created by the professionals are making a major impact on the minds of the people. Apart from this, the advertisements of these videos in social media are also changing the marketing concepts.

  1. Authenticity Is Becoming The Key Rather Than Developments

A big part of the marketing world is the authenticity of the products. 

The fact that the big brands are buying products from the local people at cheaper rates and selling it at higher prices is something that everyone knows. 

These things are making the markets look worse, and gradually, the more prominent brands are getting into troubles.

Therefore, the smaller organizations who are competing with, the bigger ones are offering high-quality products to the customers. 

Over the past few years, it has become difficult for customers who are trusting online platforms to buy products because of authenticity issues. 

As a result, it has become more critical for the marketers to focus on the authenticity and genuineness of the product before launching them into the marketers.

In the year 2019 and the upcoming year, authenticity is becoming a critical factor in establishing yourselves as a brand in the market.

  1. INcrease In Social Media Pages

As per a study conducted, 32 percent of the consumers check the presence of the brand in various social media websites before buying any products from them.

It is also determined that 73 percent of the consumers are impacted by the presence of the brand in the social media that helps the customers in making an effective purchase decision.

That’s nearly about one-third of the consumers who are heading straight to the social media platforms to get some more information and details about your business.

So, creating a social media page and promoting it across the social media platforms will help you in winning their trusts.

  1. Marketers Try To Take A Platform-based Approach To Social Media Platforms

In previous years, businesses used to post one video on social media platforms to mark their presence.

In recent years, it is proved that business owners are becoming more aware of the fact that one video cannot mark their presence in the market. 

As per the consumer’s survey, it is determined that 73 percent of the marketers have already begun producing different kinds of videos for the respective platforms.

Consumers who are using different social media platforms for obvious reasons will not find similarities in the video while they are watching it.


The video marketing industry in the present is looking more promising and is also expected to grow to a significant extent in the upcoming years.

There are enormous opportunities for the businesses to reach to the potential clients and customers by creating meaningful and useful videos to let the clients know about their sustainability and quality.

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