With the temperature soaring, it is important that people know how they can stay cool during a heatwave and how to protect themselves from the sun. Summer can be a lovely season, but during a heatwave, it can be difficult to manage so read on for a few tips which will hopefully help to make the hottest periods more bearable.

Have the Right Clothes

Having the right clothes can make all the difference when it comes to a heatwave. Ordinary rules of fashion do not apply in extreme situations like this, so do not worry so much about what you look like and instead opt for comfort. Wearing less clothing will obviously help to keep you cooler so vests and women’s skirts can be good options, but keep in mind if you are outside that you will need to protect yourself from the sun so light colors and materials like linen are ideal.

Wear Your Hair Up

For those with long, thick, and/or curly hair, a heatwave can be particularly difficult with your hair feeling like another layer and creating frizz. You can overcome these issues by wearing your hair up which should also help to lower your body temperature.

Stay Hydrated & Keep Water in the Freezer

stay hydrated during heatwave

Image Source: unsplash.com

It is very easy to become dehydrated during a heatwave as you will sweat a lot more even if you are sat inside. This is why you need to drink plenty of water during a heatwave and you will find keeping water in the freezer a great way to stay cool.

Buy A High-Quality Fan

A high-quality fan is a great investment to make and can make a huge difference during a heatwave. Not only will this help to keep you cool during the day, but it could also help you to sleep if the temperature remains high at night and will also help to keep the room fresh and cool.

Wear Sun Protection

wearing sun protection during heatwave

Image Source: unsplash.com

Perhaps most important is to make sure that you are applying sun protection regularly, even if you have a darker complexion. Make sure that you apply this before going outside and look for brands that offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Hopefully, this information will come in helpful for any heatwave and allow you to stay comfortable and cool. Heatwaves can be difficult to cope with and interfere with your life, but when you have a few essentials they can be much more bearable. 

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