The celebrities are very much active on the social media platforms; they like to share the chunks from their private lives with their fans as a token of appreciation and thanks. Some of the most popular social media celebrities include Kim Kardashian, who has over 141 million Instagram followers, which is huge as she is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram. For many people, it is still that how she manages to have such a tremendous following, well, the answer is pretty much obvious that the Kim Kardashian loves to share a little something from her private life published on the social media daily. She has been religiously sharing the bits and pieces of her children’s life on Instagram, such as the birth of her first two children, surrogacy and the eldest child North’s fashion moments.

North being her eldest child holds great importance not only in Kim Kardashian’s life but also to her followers. Recently, Kim Kardashian celebrated her daughter’s sixth birthday on Instagram by writing a simple caption, defining her love for North that how she has lived some of her best moments over these past 6 years because North was a part of it. She further wrote that seeing her growing up was one of the most beautiful things, she has ever experienced and is looking forward to living the same moments in the future.

Apart from writing a short, yet heartfelt caption, Kim Kardashian also shared a series of pictures of herself and North from over the last 6 years. Each picture was so artistic and had a meaning behind it. The very first picture shows beautiful North standing, while Kim Kardashian is looking upon her with all the motherly warmth and affection. In the second picture, both the mother and daughter are sitting in a pizza eatery, while North telling something to Kim in full excitement and in a bossy way. In the third picture, little North and Kim are trying out some bunny filters from the Snapchat, with full pout and teeth, keeping it all natural.

The fourth picture for the real Instagram followers was on a beach, where both the Kim and North are enjoying to the fullest and are sharing a really heart melting kiss, totally depicting the mother-daughter love. The fifth picture was full of innocence and pure love of a mother for her daughter, in which Kim is sitting on a swing, while the little North is in her lap, who seems to be a little sad upon something, can be seen through her facial expressions. Kim Kardashian is trying to talk her daughter out of sadness in the best possible way. To some people, these pictures might not mean much of a deal, but to a mother it surely meant everything, therefore, she ended up sharing them out of thousands of pictures, which they would have probably taken over the last 6 years. This is how Kim Kardashian celebrated her daughter North West’s 6th birthday on Instagram.

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