WhatsApp the most important and attention seeking app these days. Every single person in this world whether that is a kid or youngster or our elders one, every person is aware of whatsaap. We all know that WhatsApp is so much simpler to use and has multiple features (text messages, audio messages, video, user location, images) in it. There are several similar applications like WhatsApp but this application had made its use place by its useful features and the best part is it’s faster than other applicants.

whatsapp groups

Features of WhatsApp

  1. Simple and Reliable Messaging: – It is very simple to use WhatsApp. Text messages don’t take much to send.
  2. Voice Message: – WhatsApp brought a feature Voice message. The user can easily record their voice message by holding on the send button and if the user releases the send button then audio instantly sent to the particular person.
  3. Audio/Video Calling: – User can also make audio as well as video calling in whatsaap for free. Nowadays there is a new feature also added that is ‘Group Audio/Video Call’ where you can connect to 2 or more person at the same call.
  4. Group Chat: – Get connected to family is easy after the time of whatsaap but it became much easier after having ‘Group Chat/ Whatsaap Group’. Users can make a group by some simple steps and then they can join their family, friends in the group. Group texting is the best way to stay tuned to family friends while you are distanced from them or if you wanted to inform anything. Just one simple text, audio, video etc.

In this whatsaap trend, people are so much crazy about whatsaap just because of one of the best feature that is 24 hours status update. People are so much crazy for this feature just for this whatsaap is now getting so much attention. Users are ready to leave other similar applications just for “WHATSAAP”.

Whatsaap is having a lot of features now, among all those features there is one that is “Whatsaap Group”. In this feature, users can make a group of the desired person they want.  Earlier there were only 100 users can join in one group but now it has been changed and increased by 256 users.


Step 1:- Before you create whatsaap group links you must first check whether your whatsaap has been updated with the latest version.

Step 2:- Select the particular group and click the menu icon.

Step 3:- Go to ‘Group Info’ and tap on + (add member) option.

Step 4:- Go to invite ‘group via link’.

By following these steps you can get your ‘WHATSAAP GROUP LINK’ now you can share your Whatsaap Group Link wherever you want to share.


Step 1:- Click on the whatsaap group link. After that everything will happen automatically.

Final Note

By following these steps you can create whatsaap group link and join the whatsaap group. The process is so easy just a few steps and you will be able to get the result. Even all of these if any user gets trouble you can comment and ask you will try to help you out.

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