Is SEO still worth it in 2020? Is it a feasible marketing strategy in 2020? Such questions may hover in your mind. The reason you may have such questions in your mind is Google’s latest algorithms and the updates of search engines. Indeed, the old strategies that worked on the search engines previously are no longer viable. The search engine optimization techniques have evolved dramatically, and today they require much more beyond excellent content to produce better search results. If you want to know whether SEO is still worth it, the strategies are more significant than before. All you need is selecting the best techniques to get success.

  • Significance of Organic Search

Organic traffic is still one of the top sources for website visitors, and here is how it benefits your business.

  • Looking for Products and Services 

For most people, the first thing they do while looking for products and services is checking the search engines. Research reveals that over eighty percent of shoppers conduct online research before buying products and services. 

  • Cost-Effective and Highly Targeted

The users search for specific keywords while looking forward to resolving their common problems. Therefore, the search results play a vital role in discovering the products and services you need. Furthermore, organic SEO is cost-effective when you consider the long-term goals of your business. Once you get a good ranking on the top of the search page, your business can enjoy the supremacy. 

Benefiting Local Business and Enhancing Sales

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The high rankings of a website on the search engines help bring prospective customers, and search engine optimization makes it convenient for visitors to discover your products and services online. About thirty percent of searches on mobile devices relate to the location, and over seventy percent of local searches take people to the stores nearby. Therefore, local SEO is immensely important as more businesses get the opportunity to show in the SERP and pull customers towards the store.

Authority of Search Engines and Making Business Future-Proof

The search engines provide relevant and authentic results for online visitors, and ranking on the top pages can get over twenty percent clicks. Therefore, a high ranking is vital and ids in the growth of organic traffic. Besides, the emergence of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and voice search, enhances the probability of finding businesses online.

The smartphones have changed the scenario of searching for products and services online as people today can get the opportunity to find their requirements on the go. Irrespective of where you are and what you are looking for, the smartphones allow you to get the relevant answers. About ninety percent of smartphone users check the search results at least once a day, which allows them to find products and services. Therefore, businesses can get more visitors, and the credit goes to SEO and traffic. Overall, the entire investment in SEO is worth it.

Change in Search Engine Rankings


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Previously, it was not difficult to get top rankings in the search engines as they were not so complicated and the competition low. It was easy for Google to comprehend the phrases and words online, and subsequently, the website contents. Today, the landscape of search engine ranking is different. The factors responsible for the necessary changes in the mode of ranking are updates of algorithms and modification in the search engine pages.

Integration of Keywords Naturally 

The search engines do not have the expertise to interpret contents like humans, but they can locate the key phrases and words to improve the rankings. With the natural integration of keywords, you can avoid penalization of Google. Using fewer keywords is one of the solutions, and the other one is the addition of keywords in Meta description, tags, and titles. Overall, the use of keywords should be relevant across the body of content. If you feel that the inclusion of the keyword in any place reduces the value of the write-up, you can avoid using them.

Using Long-Tail Keywords 

When researching with the tools, such as Keyword Planner, you will come to know the competition for specific keywords. However, you can avoid competing for them and, instead, on longer keywords and phrases that are more specific and relate to your business. Although finding long-tail keywords can take more time than usual, but the results you can achieve make SEO worth it in 2020 and beyond. No wonder SEO is fast-changing and making it more challenging for businesses to stay updated with the trends. For one thing, the search engines will still prefer to rank high-quality content, and the SEO tactics ensure that the audience can view the content.

If you do not want to risk losing your place in the top page of the search engines, you have to rely on the viability of SEO in 2020 and beyond. You no longer need to know is seo worth it when you understand the significance of search engine optimization.

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