Plenty of the overall population neglect investing in their future for varied reasons. Some find the notion somewhat overwhelming as the landscape can present as intimidating and complex. 

The options available for investing equate to well over tens of thousands, with the average person having little investment knowledge to structure the ideal portfolio without financial guidance.

Aside from constructing the primary “spine” of a portfolio, including bonds, equities, and real estate, a current-day portfolio will consist of alternative assets like precious metals. These typically are uncorrelated to the market or other classes but serve as a unique diversifier for a retirement package. Look here for guidance on why metals should be your investment.

Precious Metal IRA As A Retirement Investment

A precious metal is an exceptionally valuable, rare metallic chemical element that occurs naturally, with the most common being gold or silver. These have passed throughout history for centuries with a current role in balancing retirement holdings to help with diversification.

When added to a portfolio, there is a degree of protection against inflation, currency decline, economic failure, and other financial crises. If you choose to invest in a precious metal IRA, you can take a few routes.

  • Physical bullion.

A trusted dealer like Lear Capital (see Lear Capital ratings here) would be responsible for purchasing the precious metal on your behalf. To make the purchase, you would need to open a self-directed IRA account. These are different from the traditional IRAs strictly used for funding paper assets. 

Self-directed IRAs allow physical commodities, including precious metals. 

They have special requirements, including the need for a dealer to make the purchase and a custodian who can manage and handle the metal plus storage in an IRS-approved depository facility.

The custodian and the dealer are not responsible for advising or guiding an investor with investments. These representatives are merely accountable for working cohesively to ensure a safe transaction, delivery, and security / storage of the product. 

Lear Capital has proven experience in the industry for over 20 years, helping clients’ processes progress seamlessly once the investors know precisely what they want and how to fund the metal. 

The custodian will make the necessary payments, and the dealer will ship to the appropriate storage facility. Clients, as the owners, can view their gold or other precious metal at any time with a scheduled appointment time. Go to to learn how to spot scammers in the industry.

  • Other Options

You can also follow paper options, including purchasing a certificate or investing in ETFs. These have some popularity because there are no fees for custodial services, nor are there storage fees. 

A problem with the certificate option is there is no genuine ownership for the investor. The ETFs you own technically are the equivalent of bullion, but you don’t take physical custody of the metal.

There are also mining stocks, but generally, the suggestion is to avoid these as claims indicate these are “historically mismanaged.” Plus, the option underperforms the value of the metal that is actually mined. 

There is some potential for day traders to possibly profit from the volatility of metal miners’ massive swings; these are not the best option for investors who “buy-and-hold.”

Should A Retiree Invest In A Precious Metal IRA

When investing in a physical commodity like metal, regardless of whether it’s silver, gold, platinum, or another choice, allows you to have a hard asset that you can handle. You have the option upon distribution of trading; you can readily transport the material or store the wealth to pass on to future generations. The tangible quality is the overall appeal for investors.

Many investors look at the asset as a diverse choice apart from the traditional financial system. Others like the fact that the commodity offers assurance against economic failure or other societal collapses where the other assets will falter in those same situations.

Whatever the reasons for the choice, experts agree that a conservative investment (as opposed to making it a vast majority of the plan) would benefit a retirement package as a source of balance and a buffer against inflation.

Final Thought

When investing in a precious metal IRA, the primary consideration is these are valuable options as a hedge against inflation. The resource is also the ideal method for wealth preservation. 

The downside is gains are generally lower than investors might see with aggressive assets, including options like equities. Still, most people don’t look at precious metal as much for the investment opportunity as they do for its diversification capacity and stability in turbulent times.

Developing a portfolio structure can be intimidating and prove complex for the average person with little investing knowledge. Precious metal dealers or custodians don’t help with this component of the investing process. 

The cultivation is left to your financial advisor or tax consultant. Once you have a plan developed, then you can reach out to companies like Lear Capital to help you with the precious metal IRA process.

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