Instagram is the best platform across social media for advertising your product. This is because it is a photo-sharing app where you are not allowed to write anything to tell a story! The success of your ad campaign will be determined by how best you can do it. There are a few specific Instagram ad design techniques that you should follow in order to make sure that your ad, or photo to be more precise, stand out from the rest.

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But first, you should know a few basic things about Instagram in order to make the best of this platform. 


  • Instagram has over 800 million active users every month who share more than 80 million photos every day. It receives about 3.5 billion likes every day proving that it is undeniably the biggest platform to buy Instagram views from the most influential community.


  • There are more than 53% of Instagram users who follow their favorite brands on this popular platform indicating at the potential to reach to your target audience much more easily.
  • It is also found through research that more than 44% of the users take help of this specific platform to research on a particular product. 
  • The platform is known to have more than 70% users who are under the age of 35 years making it an excellent platform for the business marketers to reach a young and even growing audience.

Therefore, there should not be any doubt in using Instagram as your effective marketing channel through images that is a universal language to convey messages and showcase products.

About sponsored ads

Of late, Instagram has started rolling out Sponsored Ads. This gives the marketers an added advantage to reach out to a larger audience as well as drive an extremely involved audience to pertinent product pages beyond the Instagram environment. 

  • The sponsored ads look very much like any standard Instagram posts of photos or videos with the only difference that it has a blue “sponsored” tag at the top righthand corner.
  • Another significant feature of the sponsored ad is that you can show it from an account that you do not follow normally.

These sponsored ads have increased the potential of this digital advertising platform. This is because most of the brands here interact with their followers from a lifestyle promotion perspective and not from a product promotion perspective.

The two common elements

If you want to start a successful Instagram ad campaign you will need to focus on the two most important elements such as:

  • Inspiration – This is what causes the viewers to pause for a while and take a look at your image when they scroll through their feeds and 
  • Information – This is actually what drives the viewers to take the desired action. 

If you can combine these two elements in the right way it will create a powerful combination that will encourage the viewers to make a buying decision. It will also fit in seamlessly with the character of Instagram.

You can use free design apps like the content Creator if you want to create your own unique look by using different beautiful templates. You will be able to design your ads professionally that will stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

The composition is the key

To start with your Instagram ad you must think about composition. This is a very important aspect that should be done carefully.

  • Make sure that you showcase people or objects in real-life situations. This will help the viewers to relate to it very easily.
  • Use the rule of thirds which is the most basic composition guidelines. It involves the natural tendency of human eyes to get drawn more strongly towards specific parts of any image. 

Ideally, the rule of thirds includes breaking a single image into nine parts and placing the central object or person of interest at the center, in the intersections or along the lines. 

Deciding the focal point

You must also create a focal point of your image because the attention of the viewers will last only for a few seconds. This will ensure that people remember your ad. 

  • Avoid using complex or ‘busy’ images and use ones that are focused on one or two places. This will direct the attention of the viewer towards it straight away.
  • If you have more than one product to advertise to make sure that you dedicate one ad for each and not put all your products in one ad. This will create confusion. 

If you want to include a text, it should in a position that compliments the main focal point of the image. 

Care for the perspective

You must create an intimate perspective with your photo. This will in turn:

  • Create a better engagement
  • Place the viewers in the setting
  • Create an intimate atmosphere and 
  • Enable viewers to visualize using the product.

Provide a great background for a ‘busy’ photo and emphasize with your message to create a better overall brand experience.

About the logo and color

You may want to put your business logo as an ad but make sure that you are not too aggressive with it. This will maintain the nuances of Instagram and will not overshadow the content.

  • Instead, use the free design app to include it subtly in the picture so that it looks natural and does not affect the feel of it. 
  • Instead of a logo, you can also focus on using brand color or any iconic brand element that will blend and tie the entire thing together.

As for the color and contrast, you should focus on using bold and vivid colors with strong contrast. This will get the attention of the viewer much more easily.

Lastly, care for the consistency of your brand as that is a vital factor on social media. It will improve brand recall value and will enable the viewers to recognize and notice your brand from the crowd. Even if you are creating a series of related ads you should maintain consistency with the theme and concept to create a greater impact.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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