The Change Is Here

We often hear that technologies have destroyed our society. Many also think that modernity, with all its technological progress, poses numerous issues for family unity. The situation is not so certain, but there are some problems indeed. Knowing how different technologies have influenced family dynamics helps find solutions to them. So what awaits our families with so many new changes and issues that seem to be everywhere? How do people use it for their benefit? 

Increased Convenience

Online Security

Online Security

Online threats are incredibly damaging to families. We all know stories about children who revealed their private data to the scammers through social media. Many people install such tools as Avast antivirus for multiple devices to ensure that all family members are protected. Others use Youtube Kids to ensure that their children have access only to the content that is suitable for their age. Many even become victims of cyberbullying. Fortunately, today’s technologies often help to control such aspects: because the security software is successful, fewer attacks emerge as protection also progresses. Similarly, law enforcement started to respond to reports of cybercrimes. 

Modern living

In today’s society, people often tend to underestimate the perks that they have with technologies. For example, many families install the remote security cameras that allow them to pretend to be at home even if they are at work or shopping to prevent the robbers from entering. If your child has lost phone, you can track its whereabouts. Many people use AI for a safer transfer home if they have a self-driving car. So, many really excellent opportunities to improve the safety of the entire family. 

Closer or farther? 


We think that the most evident change that happened in families is how each member spends one’s free time, especially for fun. Understandably, technologies have distorted our perception of free time. Many people use their devices at home even during weekends. Instead of going for a walk or enjoying their free time with friends and family, they stick to the TV. It is essential for parents to control themselves on the amount of time spent on smartphones and PCs and to enhance their children’s offline interests (no pressure, though).  



Communication has become much easier these days. Many people would agree that traveling to other countries or working in a different city became much less problematic. It is so mainly because they have social media, messengers, and video-calls to cope with homesickness. But is it enough? Let’s admit it: often, we regret not spending more time with our parents or children. Although it is not always the case, we often do not have the emotional strength to talk to people in real life. Here, the situation is quite controversial. We think that it is crucial to invest in some quality real-life connections but also take advantage of great tools that bring us closer to the beloved ones. 



If you have kids who go to school, you have probably noticed how their studying differs from yours. It has improved in many ways. Children don’t have to go to the library to find something. 

Today, many schools change their policies in favor of ebooks, which are both ecological and much more affordable. Many universities have online courses, and the popularity of this approach is only expanding. Some might complain that the attention of the youth is less stable than it was in the previous generations. But the modern progress taught children to find information fast and understand it with the help of self-paced tools. 


The last aspect that has probably transformed much is the organization of a family. Many families have group chats where they communicate with those family members who live far from them. Some also use the help of robotic devices to clean or cook instead of them, and so they spend more time on their hobbies, jobs, and relationships. A lot of people work from home or at least spend a few days a month continuing their tasks remotely. Also, determining the best exercises for each family member has become much more convenient with fitness trackers. 

Where Does This Leave Us?

It is hardly possible to find a sphere of family life that has not changed. We agree that problems are quite real, and some thinking is needed to address them. However, many breakthroughs in modern technologies made our lives as parents, partners, and children more comfortable. It allows us to perform our duties better and dedicate more efforts to the people whom we genuinely appreciate.

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