Area 51. No need to say more to immediately think of the mysteries and myths that have surrounded this region of Nevada for decades, fueled by many movies and series like X-Files, Roswell or Independence Day. The more conspiracy theories surround this area, the more popular it is becoming. But how this epicenter of UFO located near Roswell connects with Marijuana? Read this article to find it out!

With the legalization of marijuana making its way to the United States, it is not surprising to see the booming weed industry. These days, weed growers have developed optimal growing methods, thousands of different marijuana hybrids, as well as the opportunity to push their research to produce the best weed that the world has ever known.

Diverse types of weed

Every marijuana lover will agree that the effect of weed is not always the same. This is mainly due to the difference between types of weed, but also the setting, and the amount you take.

Most people have no idea of the different effects of weed when faced with a joint for the first time. Usually, you just try a joint at a party or other occasion, without knowing what you actually smoke. Some people feel nothing when they taste they’re first joint, while others became overwhelmed by the effect. However, it can also be different and especially better, by consciously choosing a specific type of weed on a particular occasion.

Indica, Sativa and hybrid weed species

The effect of weed depends on species. This has to do with different cannabinoids profiles or the many active substances that cannabis can contain. CBD and THC are two well-known cannabinoids, but in marijuana, there are many more cannabinoids and other substances such as terpenes, all of which have a greater or lesser influence on the effect you experience.

Unfortunately, in most coffee shops you don’t get a test report with all the different cannabinoids. There is, however, something to say about the general differences between the main weed indicia and Sativa and crosses between them (hybrids).

For example, for an intoxicating, euphoric and bright effect that will make you want to get up and do something, choose Sativa flowers. It contains a psychoactive chemical substance which tends to wake you up or give more juice to your creativity.

Area 51

Area 51 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of unknown origin, has a sweet smell with citrus and floral tones, and the smoke is soft with floral scents. It is a powerful strain which causes an instantaneous sense of happiness along with a carefree but motivated mental approach. Area 51 won’t leave you glued to your sofa, on the contrary! It’s appropriate for any time of the day. Its present abundant effects on your mind and body and could cause you to fall in love with these little cone-shaped flowers. It is quite natural to get lost in Area 51.

Area 51 is incredibly stimulating from the beginning and makes you feel a tingling in the whole body and incredible happiness in a very short time. After the initial wave, you will feel that your focus begins to sharpen and your desire to be social is triggered. As the high level starts, you will feel the gentle sensation in your limbs spreading to your body and the total relaxation will activate and nullify the speaking nature of this strain.

Medical users speak wonders about this variety for its ability to elevate and invigorate the senses. If you suffer from chronic exhaustion, the energetic nature of Area 51 will stoke even the worst of your symptoms. Mental illnesses and disorders of mood or attention have little chance against this outbreak since it was designed to focus on the elevation of the mind, body and spirit.

Recreational marijuana in the USA

The sale of recreational marijuana is currently legal in six states, namely in Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and the state of Washington. Although, we definitely recommend visiting the state of Nevada if you want to smoke weed. In Las Vegas, there are marijuana dispensaries in which you can quickly get the best weed.

Nevada adventure – Las Vegas, Weed, UFO

Nevada offers a whole range of entertainment that will completely knock you off your feet. This state has always broken every possible taboo. In Nevada, you can gamble in thousand of casinos, get unpredictable marriage, and smoke weed. What is more, you can take a unique UFO tour organized in Roswell. If you cross Nevada, don’t be surprised to find a sign on which is written “Extraterrestrial Highway 375” or “Extraterrestrial landing zone”. That means you are on the edge of Area 51! If you are planning UFO tour from Las Vegas, take the Highway 93 to get to Area 51. Unfortunately, Area 51 itself is strictly prohibited. However, nothing prevents you from consuming Area 51 marijuana strain! Simply buy marijuana online and enjoy the fascinating trip through Nevada state.

What Area 51 exactly is these days?

Area 51, officially called The Groom Lake Test Site, is a military base of the US Air Force located in the Nevada desert north of Las Vegas. The base is not far from the nuclear weapons test area in Nevada, where hundreds of nuclear tests took place. The name Area 51 comes from the reference number of the box in which it can be found on the map. Popularly, Area 51 is also called Dreamland.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons to visit Nevada. However, if you want to enjoy is ta much as possible, don’t forget to buy some weed!



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