Nowadays pretty much every household has a number of old devices lying around. These devices get forgotten once the get replaced by something new. An outdated phone or laptop collecting dust in a corner of your home is not necessarily a waste of space. With a bit of effort, you can bring that device back to life and get some use out of it. Today, we are going to take a look at how can you revive and old laptop. Trying to revive an old laptop can be worth the effort. You can have a spare device to work with. Or, you can simply sell it for some extra cash.

If you have a laptop lying around your house that is faulty or doesn’t seem to turn on, you can always take it to an expert. Breakfixnow has plenty of great technicians who can help you revive and old laptop. However, you won’t need to rely on experts for a complete laptop overhaul. Most of the times, old laptop can be freshened up right at home.

What Can You Do to Bring an Old Laptop Back to Life?

If you have an old laptop that turns on but doesn’t work properly, then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to discuss three things that you can do with your old device:

  • Clean any dust built-up in the device.
  • Upgrade its RAM and storage.
  • Replace its battery.

It may not sound like much, but these things can make a huge difference. They can breathe new life into a slow device.

Cleaning Your Device

Laptops have compact form factors and all of their internals are bunched together. This makes thermal management tricky in every laptop. There are a number of components that produce plenty of heat when they are functioning. And laptops usually have one or two fans for ventilation. Thermal management is especially poor in older laptops that have outdated hardware.

The limited amount of ventilation in laptops makes even the smallest amount of dust build-up a big issue. And old devices tend to have plenty of dust in them. All this dust prevents proper ventilation. As a result, the device runs hot and its performance declines. Cleaning out dust from a laptop is easy. Just remove its lower panel and use a can of compressed air to clear out any debris. Make sure to give extra attention to your laptop’s heat sinks and fans.

Upgrade Storage And RAM

Upgrade Storage And RAM

In any laptop, RAM and storage play a huge role in determining its performance. You can swap your old laptop’s RAM chips with newer ones. This is a really simple process. Upgrading your RAM will improve the device’s ability to multitask. Upgrading the storage device can produce effective results as well. Hard disks become slow as they grow older. You can swap them with a new hard drive. Or you can go the extra mile and replace them with an SSD. This can make a huge difference in terms of performance.

Replace The Old Battery

The laptop’s portability is what makes it such an amazing device. You can take it around with you everywhere you go. However, when laptops grow old, their battery life decreases. And this compromises their ability to be portable. In fact, many people replace older devices because they become fed up with bad battery times. Fortunately, you can replace an old battery with a newer one. In older devices, the laptop battery is external. These batteries are really easy to replace. All you have to do is take them off and put a new one in their place. Just make sure that your replacement battery is suitable for your device’s model.

Some laptops have internal batteries. These can be a little difficult to replace. Some laptops are designed to make it very easy to disassemble them for maintenance and repairs. Other laptops are quite repair unfriendly. Depending on your laptop’s model, your internal battery replacement could take 20 minutes to a whole hour.

When you’re working with laptop batteries, make sure that you are careful. Laptops have lithium ion batteries that can explode if they get punctured. Make sure that you don’t bring any sharp objects near the batteries. And also, be careful when you dispose your older battery.

With a bit of effort and a small amount of money, you can bring your old laptop back in action. Trying to revive old devices is a good habit. Not only because you can get more use out of an old device, but also because its environmentally friendly. Discarded electronic devices end up in processing plants that produce a lot of harmful waste during the disposal process. This is why electronic devices should not be thrown away on a whim.

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