The Path From Saviour To The Wrecker

Vaping was seen as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes for years. As it usually happens, after the invention of an e-cig, it was seen as the most needed and the best device ever. This seemed to become a solution to the problem of nicotine addiction, of the development of respiratory diseases and cancer, of the other side effects such as having yellowish skin and teeth, which appear because of smoking.

However, over time, it was proved that the tendency to prefer an electronic version of the cigarette, many problems are still not solved. Moreover, you might get some more troubles caused by the nature of an e-cig as such. Unfortunately, scientists have understood that the danger from e-cigs might differ from this of a usual one, but still, there are dangers.

The problem is not only about getting asthma, for example. The thing lies deeper. The question is that even the best electronic cigarette ( investigates more closely) affects our mental activity, including memory. If this information is new to you, you should not get scared. Not all the effects are harmful; some are positive.

It Is Important To Remember The Rules Of The Game


That is one of the most vital rules regarding many life situations. The ability to place yourself is essential for communication, relationship, career-wise circumstances, and as well for connected health issues. Taking too much of the best medicine might bring you to the grave.

It is significant to understand the reasons for vaping, the amount of time it takes, the dosage you consume, and the risks for you personally. Individual precautions should always be taken into account. To talk frankly, we cannot divide the aftermaths of vaping as “bad” and “good”; the world is not black and white. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the action on vapor might be both beneficial and harmful. The question is that the improper use of the best e-cigarette would bring you to negative consequences. If you, for instance, smoke once a year, it might be healthier than vaping each hour during the working day. The understanding that the effects are still something more than harm or favor;  they are always the complex of something harmful and something beneficial.

Vaping And Mental Health – Positive Cooperation Or Destructive Influence?

Except for the physical effects that vaping has on the human body, there another important field is mental health. Vaping, as well as other habits, influence other brains, and consciousness. We cannot tell that this is a simple topic, because the effect caused by vaping depends on the substance you vape and the device you use. Even considering that the best e-cigs are healthier than the usual cigarette is quite immature if you use nicotine-containing liquids. The primary thing that affects your health is nicotine in this case, and it works the same way no matter how you take it.

Not breaking news is the fact that nicotine might cause addition. Therefore, addiction is a specific reaction of a brain to nicotine. While vaping, the brain receives nicotine within ten seconds on average. When you take nicotine regularly, it leads to certain changes in your mind. As a result, when a brain receives no nicotine, it seems strange for a brain, and the nicotine withdrawal appears. That is how the habit (and later addiction) is being formed. The critical point of why people like consuming nicotine is that the first aftermaths of the reaction between the nicotine and your brain is muscles’ relaxation, better concentration, reduces appetite, improves mood, and helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. The other point that many people miss is that nicotine helps fighting inflammation. Therefore, not only nicotine could cause addiction, but also the nicotine itself might make your brain crave it.

The Best E Cig As The Means Of Relaxation: True Or False?

Living in modern society is always being under pressure, which causes a lot of stress. The studies proved that social networking sites such as Instagram, irregular schedules, constant access to job-related tasks, and many more factors multiply the risk of stress in our lives. People tend to believe that sitting in the cozy armchair and puffing their favorite e-cig reduces stress, and it might work this way for some time.

The question is quite controversial. If we do more in-depth into the reaction of the brain to the nicotine, we will find out that nicotine is not an anti-stress pill. The latest researches say that nicotine does act as a stress reducer, but the truth is also that after it stops interacting with the brain, the stress comes again and becomes more powerful.

Boosting Memory By The E-cig: Reality Or Fake?

Specialists used to say that as nicotine adjusts the signaling properties of neuronal wiring, it might be useful to boost your memory. Having the function of activating receptors for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, vaping might also boost the learning process. Surely, nicotine cannot be admitted to be a new remedy against memory loss, but scientists hoped it would be a step forward in fighting aging dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, more studies show nicotine is not sufficient, vice versa, it harms people, who have problems with the cognitive system. The studies with adolescents being a focus group show that regularly smoking individuals are less successful in performing tasks based on memory and attention. One of the reasons for such influence is that nicotine, being a drug, makes a person, who consumes it, more impetuous and more sensitive. There is a trend towards more irritability and less ability to focus and concentrate on the chronically vaping group. In addition to those issues, the occasional e-cig user has a significantly higher drop in self-rated mood after vaping. Doctors used to prove that vaping makes your ability to memorize quite complicated.

Today there exist many opinions concerning the advantages and disadvantages of vaping. The question of staying healthy does not mean living ascetic. If you want to taste what vaping is, you may try it. The rule is to understand what is reasonable and what risks you take.

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