Most of us are fond of honey because of its great taste. But were you aware of the fact that honey is also a great ingredient for your skin?

Stick with me to the end of the article, and you will reckon the magical power of honey to transform dull, aging skin to a glowing, healthy skin overnight:

It Deeply Moisturizes The Skin

If you look through the contents of your beauty products, you will notice that most of them have honey as a base ingredient. Not only this, many home remedies for glowing skin also contain honey in it. The primary reason behind this compulsory addition is that honey has properties that moisturize your skin deeply as the enzymes present in it are able to seep deep into your skin and softens it from within.

You can also use honey as a moisturizing mask. All you have to do is apply a spoonful of honey to your skin and let it rest for around twenty minutes before you rinse it with cool water. Regular use of this mask will moisturize your skin better than any other moisturizer (without any negative effects!).

Acts As A Cure For Acne And Pimples


Honey has quite a lot of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – essentials for the removal of excess oils from your skin. Once the excess oil is eliminated from your skin, it will result in the clearing out of any blockages and clogged pores. Thus, preventing acne.

Honey also has properties that make it the best product to liberate your face from the clutches of those pesky blackheads. It also tightens pores on the skin and thus leads to a clearer complexion. To benefit from this property of honey, all you’ve got to do is to mix a spoon of honey with two spoons of coconut oil and then apply it to your face. Allow it to rest for sometime before you wash the pack off with cool water.

It’s The Most Efficient Natural Hydrant

Dryness, or lack of moisture on the skin, leads to the skin being coarse and itchy. Honey has natural components that are great for hydrating your skin. In scientific terms, honey is a natural humectant which means that honey is able to draw moisture directly from the air into your skin. Thus, honey can keep your skin glowing longer than any other cream or powder built from chemicals.

It Has Anti-aging Properties

Honey is rich in probiotics, antioxidants, and enzymes that nourish your skin prevent it’s aging and keeps the skin hydrated and supple. Honey naturally increases your skin’s moisture levels that too without making it oily. 

Reduces Your Wrinkles

You can’t prevent your age from increasing, can you? But you can appear to be young with a fresh and moist face free of wrinkles. Honey has all the properties that can reduce wrinkles on your face naturally. You can mix honey with curd to make a pack and apply it on your face. This pack will help soothe out your wrinkles and curtail or even eliminate the signs of aging from your face.

It Can Naturally Brighten Your Skin Complexion

Want to remove that tan you got from staying on the beach for too long? Honey is the perfect ingredient for you. It is the best home remedy that you can use to brighten your complexion. You can add a spoonful of honey to lemon halves and rub it over your face and after letting it rest for five minutes, clean it with cool water. Or you can try mixing honey with the juice of tomato and apply it to your skin. This will also help you get rid of spots and blemishes on your skin.  

Helps Treat Sunburns


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When you get to enjoy a long weekend at the beach, there are high chances that you get lost in relaxation and then come back with a sunburn. Honey is the best product to fix them and get back to your schedule with glowing skin. It aids the healing process by reducing inflammation in the body and provides nutrients to the tissues that have been damaged. To quickly treat your sunburns, mix a part of raw honey with Aloe Vera and apply it to the burnt skin. After some time, you will begin to notice the healing effects.

Honey, Honey, All The Way!

Now that you are aware of the few benefits out of the long list that honey has to offer, what’s the wait worth for? Hurry to the nearest store and pick boxes of honey. Here’s one final motivation to pick as much as you can – honey doesn’t spoil, if stored well, it can last way beyond the expiry date!

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